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Plan your life, goals, and dreams

Plan your life, goals, and dreams.

Otherwise, daily routine will bore you with its repetitions. Chores will steal your precious lives. We are busy in our lives without any plan which tricks us to mediocrity, being average and living lives of wretched of the world.

Their motto doesn’t exceed from the experiences of hand to mouth. Human values don’t work in an environment where negativity, misery, and poverty are present.  

It’s OK being one of them until and unless you leave your comfort zone and say to yourself that enough is enough. You will not accept poverty, misery, and mediocrity anymore.

For doing this, you must have a game plan. No matter what your life and circumstances and situation throw at you, you must stick to your project. It is suggested that you devise a four-step plan. The first step is the grand life theme; a plan needs to be designed wisely.

Whatever you need, want, wish for, desire to do, create, and invent or discover, write it down on a piece of paper. You must have ten to twelve significant goals. They must be big, powerful, and impressive enough, which can stimulate your imagination and keep you motivated to take action and achieve your goals.

They must be long term goals for at least twenty to twenty-five years. Now a short term plans. Let suppose from a year up to 5 years—the dividends of your long-term goals. Then shorter term of projects from months to a year. Then your short-term plan and, at last, the daily and weekly programs.

If you achieved your daily and weekly goals, your monthly and yearly plans would automatically finish on time. If your monthly and annual goals are completed, your life goals will be met automatically. It’s not only logical but also mathematical, just like two into two equals four.

You can enjoy your life when you have a clear cut plan and a game of action. While self-discipline, self-management, and persistence will pave a path to success, freedom, and abundance. Plan your life, goals, and dreams to achieve massive success.

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