Causes we Care and Support

We support our customers, suppliers and subscribers in every legal, ethical and humanitarian grounds. We extend our support to all marginalized, discriminated and suppressed groups, ethnic minorities and religious communities or racial groups.

We condemn any type of discrimination from anyone and everywhere. We support all those in any corner of this planet who are ruled not by their will but with terror and suppression.

We speak out for those who can’t speak or allowed to speak to drive attention of global community to solve crisis and conflicts.

We are not affiliated with any RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL and GOVERNMENTAL authorities. We are not dictated and we don’t accept any pressure regarding this.

We are independent, humanitarian and humanistic group of individual volunteers from all around the world with our audience comprising of world population and its representation in every group and community.

We are standing for better present and better future. And we will stand last until our time come to take us with it. Human values and human freedom from all evils is our beacons of light which will lead us to our better future and better present.

If you want to volunteer you are most welcome.

It is simple and easy. Just fill up the form and let us to reach you.

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