Press Freedom and our duties

Press Freedom day and our duties

People like me and you are less aware and don’t give a chance to know what this press freedom really means, however, we do know what is press, what is freedom and what a free press can do to us, to nations and globally.

History first and the last lesson is that no one learns a lesson from it. We are continuingly interested in social media and are sharing the moments available to us to meet our loved ones. If we take time for news concerning us or our group or community we freely criticize our government, people responsible and involved and supported by others.

However, we never try to realize that before this social media and internet press was the only channel through which we were able to raise our voices.

Press fought alongside us for freedom and now press needs us to free it from censorship, controlled and imprisonment. Dictators, Psododemocracyoes, revolution, and occupation try to hold the press to not print anything else they are not aware of.

Press freedom day reminds us every year that we should not accept any more chains of situational commitment and so-called emergencies. Weak democracies, burdens press to print their opinions and propagandas however; they can’t steal the soul of free people. It’s not the only responsibility of journalists or media professionals it is our duty the free citizens of the global community to defend our brothers and sisters.

Freedom is our birthright and those stealing it from our hands or buying it or silencing it with force are interfering with our human rights and injustice in any part of our global village must concern us all. Because this is what we all stand for, these dictators, politicians and military regimes can take our lives but they can’t take our freedom. They can torture our bodies, they can imprison us but they can’t imprison our souls. We are souls inside our bodies, not the other way around.

On this day we can decide to stand up for our rights, speak up for those who can’t speak themselves. We writers are eyes of society; the pain experienced in any part of society should be seen by us and then translated to words to show all concerned what is wrong with society.

Nothing can force us to do what we don’t want to do. I remember people who stood up in front of ateliers and shooting squads for their rights. We can share a lot of fake news across social media, but we don’t have the courage to share the voices of those who need our attention.

We must appreciate and acknowledge the struggles of those people who murdered, killed, assassinated and tortured to give up the truth; however, they give up their lives but not the truth. They told us the truth because this was their responsibility to and this is our responsibility to thank them all. From Socrates to Hussein, we need new Karbala for our truth.

I finish this blog on a verse of a poem and don’t remember the poet name, sorry for that, translated from Urdu,

It’s not easy to speak truth

For that, we shall pass Karbala

That’s all…

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