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Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising

Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising


In general, we live in a society where we are bombarded with advertising campaigns held by marketing giants for fortune 500 companies in the US and many globally.

Marketing segmentation, demographics, psychographics are various aspects of targeting markets and consumers.

Advertising is a process of marketing products and services, either a company’s own or outsourced businesses. Before online advertising, print advertising was the norm.

Although both media have their own merits and demerits, one’s superiority is not proven yet. We will discuss both their effectiveness and drawbacks to grasp the subject matter altogether in the following paras.


Print Advertising is a kind of advertising where we print content and place it where consumers can find them. It may be in newspapers, Wikipedia, business magazines, posters, billboards, letters, and postcards.

It was a popular form of advertising in the 20th and early 21st century, but the decline is observed in recent years due to the rise of online advertising.

Online advertising is a form of advertising where the internet is used for promotional purposes. This kind of advertising includes but is not limited to emails, displayed ads on websites and blogs, search ads, etc.


Print advertising is useful when there is no scarcity of resources or budgets. Online advertising is relatively cheap.

Print advertising has a limitation of space, while online advertising has no such restrictions. There is no limitation of time in print ads; however, there is in online advertising.

Print ads, once printed, can be used for a relatively short period compared to online ads. Scope of print ads is limited due to its reliance on physical space; it can be directed to consumers by direct mails, but the time required to reach consumers and cost involved in the process is too much for both advertisers and consumers. Still, in online ads, there is no limitation of this sort.

Online ads can be transformed into any media; it can be done through audio, video, and plain text. Print ads are not successful in this regard.

Print ads can reach relatively fewer consumers due to their physical identity; however, online ads can be utilized for local and global consumers. Print ads are generally regarded as expensive; it needs time and resources than online ads.

The importance and relevance of print media have seen a decline in the wake of the day. However, online advertising is looking for new ways of survival due to the rise in user experience. Recent trends show that it will be more, in marketing and promotional activities across the globe.


After looking at both types of advertising’s pros and cons, one can easily decide what a better choice for their businesses is and how they can benefit from both types of ads.

It is essential to bear in mind that no one type is inferior or superior. So the practical approach is using the advertising mix for better results.

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