Book Writing



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Book Writing

Writers write books with their blood, sweat, and tears. However, we, the readers, only watch the ink on the printed books. Writing books with a keen interest in sharing your life experiences to the next generations or generations of ages is the worthy and noble cause that only the responsible and sensitive people who think that they are accountable to their present, past, and future will take and fulfill.

Whatever we are up to, we know anything or probably everything due to books that the writers chose to handover the knowledge of their heart and soul. Now, it is our responsibility to give something back to the community.

Senior writer, author, and researcher Ali Muattar has published dozens of books on diverse subjects and topics at our store. As an expert in book writing, he shares his experiences, insights, and ground realities he has faced along the way. You will find this book helping you from topic selection to planning content and format to completion, from researching to writing, editing, formatting, grammar checking, publishing, and marketing.