Confronting Sexual Violence



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Confronting Sexual Violence
Confronting Sexual Violence in Pakistan and neighboring countries and worldwide. Sexual violence is a process of forced aggression towards any gender, age group, and relationship where the attacking party is intentionally violating the rights of others and harms them either physically, psychologically, financially, and socially. This type of aggression is worth confronting now before it is too late to handle the rise of terror and violence. In the wake of terror where nobody is safe, each individual is insecure about their safety and expects that another target will be they. Strategic warfare policies are needed to be implemented to provide security to its people and citizen by any state and legislature. The first step to solve any problem is to accept there is one. Identification or diagnosis is more important than cure or prognosis. The author is an experienced psychologist, counselor, and researcher had counseled many victims of sexual violence has a lot to say about this cancerous phenomenon. We ought to listen to him because he has more study, expertise, and resolution strategies for this issue. Policymakers must keep ears to his genuine recommendations and suggestion to confront sexual violence in Pakistan, its neighbors, and worldwide.

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