Data Protection: A New Threat To Human Rights



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  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
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Data Protection

Data protection is the essential measure that will ensure the safety of the personal and professional information from the misuse and mishandling by the evil hands of corrupt individuals and groups; who prey on your data to sell or misuse your information to their benefit financial gains. This is a new threat to human rights, especially to the right of confidentiality.

Ali Muattar is a pioneering researcher, psychologist, Psycho-cybersecurity expert, and information technology entrepreneur who is concerned about the misuse of data of the masses available on the dark web, which is the new threat and a dangerous explosive landmine that can explode any time soon. Before it is too late, every individual has a responsibility to live in any part of this planet and ensure their data protection by implementing strict laws relating to giving or receiving individual users’ data.

By enforcing their governments, law and enforcement agencies, and policymakers to make, implement, evaluate, improve data protection policies and rules and regulations. Don’t be a victim of data misuse; raise your voice, and have an impact on your human rights either by dialogue or by force. Because it is your birthright and never give others the power to take this from you. Read on, and let share the words with your loved ones who you care about.