From Ashes to Ashes


  • Publisher: ANish Publications (2021)
  • Publication Date: 20 August 2021
  • Language: English


From Ashes to Ashes

This book is about the contemporary, historical, and current affairs related to Afghanistan and its people under the siege of the USSR, Taliban, America, and Dummy Governments of Afghan Nationals in the name of Democracy. After the shameful, disgraceful, disrespectful, violent, regretted, and degraded defeat of US-led NATO forces and the inner resistance forces, including warlords and civil militias Taliban seized power and resources of Afghanistan. It is an urge to say that these brown wolves will suck the blood and tear the Flash of the innocent Afghan nationals. Habits change, but nature doesn’t.

From Ashes to Ashes is a book by an eminent writer, historian, social psychologist, and Islamic political thinker Ali Muattar. Here are his twelve essays collection about the Afghan past, present, and future generations to come. What do you say about it? Let us know on the contact page. We will be delighted to hear from you about this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Angel of Darkness
  2. “Gilded Cage”
  3. “Belly of the Beast”
  4. “Better Angels”
  5. “A Short Time in Paradise”
  6. “The Devil Will Drag You Under”
  7. “From the Ashes of Tragedy”
  8. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”
  9. “The Killer of Killers”
  10. “Fire in the Hole”
  11. “Ashes to Ashes”
  12. Signs and Portents

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I live in Karachi city, Pakistan. ANish publications publish this book. I have been a senior writer, researcher, and editor in the ANish platform for years while specializing in psychology, impacting information technology. I write about business, literature, human psychology, and technology in blogs and websites for clients and companies. As a writer, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling.

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