Government’s Responsibility: Freedom, Health, and Education


  • Publisher: ANish Publications (November 11, 2019)
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
  • Language: English


Government’s Responsibility: Freedom, Health and Education

There are many views about the responsibilities of states for their citizen. However, to Ali Muattar, every Government is responsible for these three fundamental rights of their citizenship if they have the moral courage to collect taxes from them; freedom, health, and education. If they fail in any of these, they don’t have the moral right to receive or rule their citizen. The citizens have their ethical, legal, and human rights to stand against such governments and dash them to the ground.

In this book, you will find logical reasoning about why these rights are essential and why the governments are responsible for ensuring them to their citizens. Suppose you are interested in social reformation and policymaking, and advocacy. In that case, this is for you to read and demand these fundamental rights from your local and national, and international governing bodies and organizations, businesses, and corporations.

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I live in Karachi city, Pakistan. ANish publications publish this book. I have been a senior writer, researcher, and editor in the ANish platform for years while specializing in psychology, impacting information technology. I write about business, literature, human psychology, and technology in blogs and websites for clients and companies. As a writer, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling.

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