Passion Psychology



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  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
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Passion Psychology

Passion is the driving force for creativity in any field and domain. It can make a dent in the universe as Steve Jobs rightly said or what else we are for, here? Passion can lead you to unexplored paths that no one else dares to pass. It can give you the strength to explore the realities that no one else dares to see. It can lead you to see how far one can go. Psychology is the inner game of passion that can influence your love to purify your raw talent. Psychology is the understanding of this fire within that can make possible the impossible.

A passionate senior writer, psychologist, and serial entrepreneur Ali Muattar is the leading authority on the subject of passion and psychology. A psychologist by passion and entrepreneur by profession, he is a motivational speaker who inspires, motivates, and guides youth at different academic, business, and writing levels. Do you want to lead your life with passion and motivation to achieve success in any field? Then this book is for you. Order it now before it is out of order.