Psychology of Patient Support



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  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
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Psychology of Patient Support

Patient support is an essential part of the health care system that can help the system improve the recovery rate and better understand patients and their health caregivers’ concerns. They have many challenges, the physical and mental ones that don’t allow them to adhere to the treatment and the precautions they should make to recover and heal themselves.  The Psychology of patient support deals with the why, who, when, what, how questions asked in the policy-making procedures of governmental, national, and international health care units.

Ali Muattar spent years in the national and international health care organization as a psychosocial counselor and a part of a team responsible for the patient support activities concerning mental health and general physical health. In this book, he shares his experiences, strategies, and possible solutions to the issues and challenges patient involvement in any organization.

This book will help healthcare organizations adapt to new approaches of patient support and policymakers to adjust this in their system to improve the overall success rate of the treatment plan by involving different professionals to help them out. If you are working for the healthcare system or running the one, this will help you better understand the psychology of patient support and your productivity and efficiency.