Psychology of Social Skills



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Psychology of Social Skills

Psychology of Social skills is an essential aspect of human beings because we don’t want to bear the negative impacts of loneliness. These skills keep us alive because they help us adapt, adjust, and cooperate or oppose others for our benefit. It is not the case that we can’t live without society. Still, we only live fully when we live in a community by cooperating with others because we are interdependent beings. It is hard to find the real source of guidance to show us what is right and what is wrong apart from pleasure and lust.

Senior writer, author, psychologist, corporate trainer, and social activist Ali Muattar is sharing his insights about the psychology of social skills that can help you conquer the social domain of your life. These skills will help you avoid the traps of toxic people who want to entrap you in their deadly snares without your permission. The assertion of your rights without violating others’ rights is the sure way of success, and this is what you will read next in the book to free yourself from the guilt and shame of toxicity. Enjoy your life as a free individual who can and will define her terms and rules to live life.