The Human Sexual Response



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  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
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The Human Sexual Response

The Human Sexual Response- The psychology of human sexuality

Sex is one of the fundamental drives of human survival on this planet. However, it is one of the less understood concepts that need studies, researches, and training programs. That can guide, educate, and train our future generations to understand the very nature of sex and its impacts, consequences, disorders, and associated risks that can be beneficial for them. Like all other vital aspects of our life, this, too, needs effort, persistence, and commitment to the cause for sure.

As a psychosocial counselor, psychologist, and researcher Ali Muattar has spent years researching, treating, and counseling patients and clients with psychosexual disorders. In connection with the field’s previous works, this is a third book in the series of classic books. The sociology and physiology of sex have written; now, it is time to know about the psychology of human sexuality. It will teach, guide, and educate you and your future generations to understand their sexualities and keep themselves safe from the negative impacts. We hope to give you new insights, perspectives, and viewpoints about your and your partner’s sexuality.