The Psychology of History



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The Psychology of History

History, as we know it today, is the collection of events and dates on which it occurred. Although Historian Arnold J. Toynbee “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” “The only real struggle in the history of the world…is between the vested interest and social justice.” The advent of civilizations, their rise and fall are the regular time cycles for history and historians. However, the philosophy of history sorts out the principles that guide us that each event is interconnected to another in the civilization’s life cycle. We observe the circular motion of history from the birth of society, its rise, and its downfall. Similarly, the psychology of history is about the inner psyche of history and the up and down of civilizations that is a pioneering work making Ali Muattar a father of this field and other emerging areas of historical studies of societies. After the death of more than 90 civilizations, we have a lot to speculate and discover psychologically from the histories survived or interpreted by the later historians throughout human history worldwide.

Ali is an eminent psychologist, counselor, researcher, and full-time student, lover, and analyzer of history, having a keen interest in the psychology of history and seeking answers to the rise and fall of civilizations. Toynbee rightly said that civilizations die from suicide and suicide, and suicide can’t be committed without psychologically depressing events, behaviors, and mental processes. The author has discovered those psychological principles that govern history and how it is molded for the betterment and the worst-case scenarios. Also, what is the place of individuals and communities in the survival and suicide of history and civilizations? What can be done to mold a civilization and its history to survive and thrive rather than decay and die? Are you interested in shopping for this remarkable and worth-reading book for this week? Order it now before it is out of stock. Hurry up!

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