Motivational Psychology


The Psychology of Motivation (The Modified Theory Of Human Motivation)

  • Publisher: ANish Publications (November 11, 2019)
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2019
  • Language: English


Motivational Psychology

Motivational Psychology: The Psychology of Motivation (The Modified Theory Of Human Motivation)

Motivation is the activation energy that leads you to the stars and the heaven of success. The theory of human motivation is incredible in its content and context. However, the time has changed, and with the advent of information overload. It is now a belief that motivation is the struggle for existence. Suppose you think that natural selection is superior or the fittest’s survival is the key in this hard-paced world. In that case, this book is for you to read the human psyche towards motivation and demotivation.

The renowned writer, author, researcher, and psychologist Ali Muattar has shared his new and outstanding ideas, insights, and guidelines that are not present in the previous theories of motivation in psychology. This book is for those interested in their growth and advancement in business, career, and relationships. How can you get inspiration, motivate yourself and others, and most importantly, how can psychology and its field theories and research help you do that? These and other questions like these are answered and explained in this book. Order it now before it is out of stock.

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I live in Karachi city, Pakistan. ANish publications publish this book. I have been a senior writer, researcher, and editor in the ANish platform for years while specializing in psychology, impacting information technology. I write about business, literature, human psychology, and technology in blogs and websites for clients and companies. As a writer, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling.

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