Khalil Gibran’s Words of Wisdom

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  • Length: 200 pages
  • Publisher: ANish Publications
  • Publication Date: November 12, 2019
  • Language: English

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Khalil Gibran’s Words of Wisdom

The son of Labonanise soil and the international Arab writer whose influence will touch millions of hearts and souls of upcoming generations for centuries. The love-oriented poetry and words of Khalil Jibran will amaze every reader of the poetry and literature across the world. According to the editor of this book, “My first interaction with Jibran’s inner world was his writing The broken wings and after that, I bought the whole collection of his creations.”

He is such an intellectual whose words find places in the hearts of people because of speaks of truth and to him it is love. Love is the default nature of every soulful and spiritual person. If you can understand the language of love than this edition of his lovely words is for you. Grab the copy and listen to the melodious songs of love and passion.