Reading The Mind of a Nation

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Reading The Mind of a Nation by Ali Muattar 

This is not Folk or popular psychological notations but the pure, concrete, psychological, and analytical treatise to political thoughts and the national underlying behaviors of a nation that shape the collective mind of any given nation across the globe. Social psychology along with sociology, humanities, and other related social sciences give us a glimpse of the reality of a nation at any given time and period.

From all the dead to alive civilizations, there are some basic and fundamental behaviors and thought patterns that shape the mind of the nation in the direction that either gives rise to a nation or the reason or downfall. The history and archeological approach of reading the minds of the nation give an idea of what a nation is thinking and what should be expected as a result? Are you interested in the reading of a mind of your or other nations? Read and understand the minds of nations from the perspective of a Social Psychologist.