Five Magnificent UAE Projects By Zaha Hadid

One of the most out-of-the-box thinkers in this world of constant growth and opportunities was Zaha Hadid. Her brilliance and outstanding architectural designs still amaze people of all nations across the globe.

The Iraqi/British architect made designs of best aesthetics and kinesthetic nature and made people wondered how a person who loved impossible and made them a reality for everyone. 

In a profession dominated by gender stereotypes, she came like Shakespeare’s character Caesar and spoke to the world that, “I saw and I conquered”

She thought that she could do everything she convened herself to do. Now we are watching her masterpieces and architectural miracles across the globe. 

The Guardian praised her and given the title of the queen of curves to her while saying she gives freedom to architectural geometry by giving it the new aesthetic reality.

For most of the architects, what was impossible, she thought that it was possible, and she worked till her death to realize everyone that reality is just a suggestion. 

It is subjective, and only those willing to go too far can finally find how now one can go.

Her various projects are still under construction, and it says a lot about her work ethic, how patiently she worked, and how devoted she was towards her architectural designs. That her designs still bear her name to be completed even after her death.

Here only her five magnificent UAE projects are mentioned, and it will give you the perfect sense of what you will find in this blog post. Here we go;

1) Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi

This bridge is one of its kind in the history of UAE named after its founder. The project was completed in 2010; however, it was started in 2007. This bridge linked this state to its other emirates, especially the northern ones. Its fluid look amazes visitors and tourists alike; it can say a lot about Hadid’s architectural talents.

2) Signature Towers Dubai

The Dancing towers which were renamed afterward as Signature towers. This architectural design comprises three intertwined towers that are functional for office, hotel, and residential purposes. Its silver-colored night view tells everything that what design can do to the aesthetic sense of human beings.

3)  The Opus, Dubai

This landmark in Downtown Dubai is one of the most remarkable properties businesses sought after. The design and structure provide the inner and outer view of the skyscrapers surrounding the opus building.

This futuristic design influences architecture worldwide, especially in Chinese architecture. This unique and one of Dubai’s tallest buildings gives the perfect sense of Marvel Space adventure movies set in the real world. 

4) Bee’ah Headquarters, Sharjah 

Hadid’s dunes structure project makes it futuristic yet traditional and culturally sensitive in the sense because it was desert, and it is still a desert. The architecture and developmental projects from investors and designers worldwide made it the hub for new and unusual designs.

Hadid didn’t want to eliminate its cultural background, so she designed, and Sharjah headquarters looks like a dune on Mars. The perfect design, as well as environment-friendly architecture, makes it her one of the best designs.

5) Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre

The architectural design is my favorite. If she did design any other building as an artist, this one was more than enough for her name, art, and strategy after her death.

The aesthetic and design make it the best tourist attraction. The artists can take inspiration from it. The motivation they need to create is already available in this Abu Dhabi performing arts center. The artist love and will continue to love this.

This was all about five magnificent UAE projects by Zaha Hadid, the queen of curves. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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