The Psychology Of Mindshift

The Psychology of Mindshift

Sometimes it is tough to sort out what you will expect from your life, and you are interested in changing your thinking patterns. At the same time, it is quite simple to let others destroy your inner peace. Sometimes it also seems that you are wasting your life, and that is the time to change.

The psychology of mind shift tells that whatever you are going to change, but if you are not changing your mindset about a situation. It is hard to convince yourself about the current situation. When you think that you will succeed, something happens, and you and your life are upside down, and you are drowning again in the sorrows, guilt, shame, and regrets.

It is hard to start all over again, but you will never reach your dreams, goals, and targets if you fail to do so. I am a living example of seeing how far I can go mindset. It is hard to silence your heart and mind to be patient and tolerate the nonsense of others. It is hard to work under those who are lower in education than you. It is hard to quit when you have lost everything for this day.

Sometimes it is destructive when you are negatively engaging your self-talk. It is hard when you are capable of something, but you don’t have the sources or resources to reap your hard work’s success. I am a loving advocate of hard work, dedication, and side hustles, but when you are putting everything, but you see nowhere your success. It is the showtime to keep trying until and unless you are succeeded.

It is hard to defend your ideas, inspirations, and motivations in a society where you are draped continuously to the critics’ muddy games. Who never tried to leave their comfort zones? Now trying to convince you that you can’t do it because they could not do it by them.

It is hard when you are in debt, and your creditors call you for their money and resources, and you don’t have any penny to return. The game starts then when everyone is on your nerve. It is fantastic to fight back but only in words when there is no place for you to hide from pains, discomfort, illusions, and presumably hallucinations.

Sometimes it is hard when your loved ones lose hope in your success, and eventually, you start losing your desire to succeed in your dreams, careers, professions, and passion. Loving and caring relationships are engraving you in your sorrows, loneliness, and isolation.

How hard is it when you and your arts are on auctions, and one is buying it for a penny because they don’t see any value in your work, art, and sleepless nights? How hard it is when you are doing everything to run your business, but at the last minute, everything messes up, and you end up doing nothing but wishful thinking.

How important it is to stand up and fight back. Not say why me, but you say try me. The lion and the gazelle live in the same environment, but their mindsets define who they are. When they see each other, the lion sees a target, a hunt, prey, and challenge to take what belongs to him.

On the other side, the gazelle see lion; it perceives danger, victimization, and being a target. Both run towards their survival. Lion chases her to satisfy the inner warrior under constant pressure to hunt the goal without mercy.

Gazelle runs to avoid being a victim of a lion, and the more she runs, the more she is out of danger. Only the ones who have a dying passion for their goal will achieve their price for courage and constant struggle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are weak or inadequate if you have a burning desire to conquer your fears and doubts. You must seek the way of warriors and legends who had similar hardships, but they keep on to submit it to them.

The king is not born; hardships and constant betrayals make him. The deceptions from the loved ones, the ones you can trust your life and your everything, and they sell you out for nothing as compared to your trust of them.

To be continued…

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