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Psychology of body language

Communication is the necessity of civilization and language is one of the tools. Communication experts divided language into two categories namely verbal and visual or the words and body.

I have already written a lot about oral communication but here in this article, I am going to tell you about body language and how to use this language to your advantage.

I have started various series of different topics on this website relating to psychology because I have seen these topics from a psychological perspective.

This series will shed a light upon the psychology of body language. As we know by its name that the body speaks a language most of us don’t know about consciously. But our subconscious and unconscious, know and interpret it accordingly.

In this introductory post i will mention the most important aspects in bullet points and the following posts will cover up these points in details.


Most of the language is centered at the head. Nodding is the universal gesture of submission, suppression, oppression, violence, defeat, and success was determined by bowing head for centuries.


The ideas of confirmation, thinking and confusions are conveyed by lines and curves of it.


The gates of the inner soul, I think and as per my clinical experience, 70% of our body communicates through eyes.

It is the title of my upcoming ebook the language of eyes. All details will be there but here just know that it can’t lie, it reveals the truth, it speaks your mind, it expresses emotions, it reflects cognition, it enhances mood, it attracts attention, it navigates human focus and attention.

Eye brows

Confirmation and confusion

Eye lashes

Rate is influenced by eyes.


Distance and space


Likes and dislikes especially in smelling domain


Spotting lies, orientations, emotions, curves





Terroitory expension and contraction in different situations.




Gestures and power stances


Generally for facial languages.


Different movements of the hands.


Positioning of the body.


Gestures and postures.


The dance or the language of body in artistic style games, sports, fights, politics and social life.


Say many things in terms of direction. Its direction, pointing, and other things belong to it.


Open is open to new opportunities and possibilities.

Closed are closed to most of the things. To external world, to others, to environment.

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