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Psychology of decisions your path to success


They are strong thinking patterns that lead us to act in a certain way. Pushing us to change or adapt and makes us fight or flight the situation.

Survival and instinctual decisions are unconscious domain and they are not included in our topic.

It is concerned with conscious and insightful decisions we take to choose our life direction, career, personal, and professional risks and all other types of decisions we take to take ourselves from zero to one.

Psychology of decisions

Psychology is a field of study concerned with the internal software of our brain, saying to us how our brain works and what can be achieved if the mind was reprogramed.

From brainwashing to mass enslavement, from religion to political polarities, from education to discrimination all are just a few faces of psychology.

The underlying mechanisms of individual and societal thinking patterns and programming of human civilization is only achieved by employing the basic principles of psychology.

Consequences of decisions

Decisions are the building blocks of our life. Right this moment I have decided to write that’s why I am writing and you have decided to read that is why you are here to read. Without decision neither, I will write nor you will read.

Whatever we have done and achieve were just the consequences of our decisions and those we didn’t decide to do were also our decision.

We all have to see our life just right now, whatever we have become is because of our decisions and if we have decided otherwise our life would not be the same.

For example, our friends decided to have a party and we decided to stay in the house and study for upcoming exams.

After examination, what will be the result showing us actually, who will be happy and who resentful?

I remember one story, ten friends complaining about the bad economy, government and world because these were not fair with them.

One of them decided that ten years later he will be a millionaire, his friends laughed at him.

He stood by his decision and after ten years they meet at the same place, nine friends were still complaining about anything while he was a millionaire.

This is what we call the consequences of decisions. These are the consequences we all made in our lives.

Importance of decisions

Psychologists are of the view that we decide every single moment and these decisions take us to its end results.

They are important in the sense that our all life depends on it. Whether we are in business, education, marketing, blogging or whatever we are busy in, we are deciding upon our previous decisions.

If we make decisions that show results we desire we take a similar decision if it went wrong we decision another and another.

This is how we are living our lives. We are living with people or leaving them to live happily. These all are decisions.

To accelerate our decision-making process we can do the following things to be happy, prosperous and successful. Here they are:

Avoid loneliness

The number one barrier of decision making is that we avoid society, our social circle, and social connection.

We isolate ourselves from our loved one, friends and family. Our decisions have a lot to do with others too.

It is easy to decide to commit suicide but if you consult others around us they will give you some hope to live for.

Isolation is killing us as individuals. Social media was designed to make connections not isolation.

The real power of touch and a human face to face interaction is the number one motivator to decide better and take feedback to enhancement.

This century is a century of loneliness; the real connection makes us human. Only beasts can live alone.

We are social animals; loneliness makes us inhuman and others the neglected part of our society.

In order to live and the decision to live with success is to avoid loneliness at any cast necessary.

Avoid conflicts leading nowhere

Another reason for decision delay is our conflicts with ourselves, others, and generally with the world around us, which leads us nowhere.

I think Winston Churchill was right to say that if we throw stones at every dog barking at us, we will never reach our destination.

Some conflicts can be avoided by only being silent and listening.

The more we avoid conflicts leading us nowhere the more we will be able to decide.

Accept that you can decide whatever you want to

The myth around us is being circulated in societies like ours is that others will decide for us.

Until and unless we are diagnosed with a dependent personality disorder, which can be treated too, decisions are your birthright.

Human rights are depended on this very notation that we have a right to choose whatever we want to decide for ourselves.

We are free to decide and are free to see the consequences of our decisions.

We have to decide to accept the fact that we can decide whatever we want to decide.

We can decide who will rule us, which system will be implemented and what will be the rule of law of our land. 

Decisions come easily we accept this.

It is a fact not a fiction that one has to fight for his rights with those who have oppressed.

Standing up for one’s right, excepting the consequences of the decision and for peace and justice, one has to fight.

With different types of weapons not always with guns but if necessary than it is not limited to this too.

Sometimes speaking out aloud, pen and political and professional strikes can do a lot more than merely guns will ever do.

However, it is necessary that one has to choose his battles.

Fighting for everything and with everyone is not a wise strategy of war.

The art of war revolves around immediate threats and potential threats.

Immediate threats need our attention first and most times in our lives, we must focus on these.

Potential threats should be taken into account but they can be delayed with strategy and tactics.

Individually as a person and collectively as a state, we can understand our standing in our ground realities if we exercise, these following steps necessary to succeed and victorious in any field.

Here they are:

Accept whatever life gives to you

It seems a cliché but most of us don’t accept whatever life gives to us.

Life is a grand design of the universe, it never gives anyone anything worthless, useless and unnecessary.

It gives only those experiences we need to succeed in our life.   

Accept criticism

I am not joking, yes, you must accept criticism. Sincere criticism is a mirror to your blind spots.

No matter how smart you are and how aware you are about yourself, but if you realize that you can’t see your blind spots with your eyes, you can only see it through others’ eyes. So, appreciate their criticism and work on your improvements.

Accept that you have to fight alone

It is better to be surrounded by others, protected and feeling safe in others’ presence.

But, the strongest and the bravest always choose to fight alone.

Only the weak and the cruel fight collectively, for their individual gains.

Accept that you have to fight alone no matter how much you are supported by people around you.

Accomplish peace with yourself

You can’t fight two battles at the same time with different enemies and in battlefields.

First, you have to accomplish peace with yourself so that you are not mentally divided when you step into the battlefield.

Avoid distractions

In history, many victories were turned around in defeat due to distractions.

The more you have distraction the more you are prone to defeat.

Never distract yourself from your only goal to defeat and become victorious.

Bad decisions are valuable lessons

Most of us are reluctant to decide because we have experienced in our past, the decisions we make were bad for us.

So, we search for someone wiser and courageous than us to decide for us what to do and what not to do.

It is important to remember that bad decisions are valuable lessons, we will never decide the same as what we have decided in the past due to our experience.

But without deciding for ourselves we will never be able to take the experience necessary for living. Without bad, we can’t make good decisions.

So, they are part of our decision-making process.

Be ready for paying bills

No, no, no don’t worry, I am not saying about your utility bills.

I am talking about your psychological bills, anger, frustration, anxiety, fears, and doubts.

They are more important bills that we have to pay with our patients, trusting the process and not complicating the life we are leading.

The more anxious, fearful, frustrated and doubts you are the more you are going to make bad decisions.

The more bad decisions you make the more you take to experience the more experienced you are the more you make good decisions.

This is the law of nature the more you take the good decisions, the less anxious, fearful, frustrated and in doubts you will be.

But the trick is you have to make decisions, otherwise, it is not going to happen.

Be ready for the worst outcomes

Once a monk was asked by his student, how he can silence his mind of future worst-case scenario?

He answered, be ready for the worst outcome. Accept what will be the worst outcome.

There will be no worries, you have to decide.

The same case is with us too. We delay our decisions due to fear of its worst outcome.

It may be and it maybe not. So, why fear to decide?

Befriend with those resonate your passion

Now, this is a golden rule of human relationships.

If we befriend with coal always our face will be like coal, if we befriend Rose, we will smell awesome.

We can’t make music with those who don’t resonate with our lyrics. We can’t make poetry with those who don’t speak our language of love.

The same case is with that of life, we can decide freely with those who support us in our causes and who resonate with us.

To decide effectively, we must befriend those who resonate with our passion.

Cope with stress, anxiety, and depression

To fight with psychological demons namely; stress, anxiety, and depression with must learn to cope with these to decide freely.

Remember that stress is always about present circumstances, anxiety is always about future and depression is always about past experiences.

Mild to moderate is ok because we are alive so some sort of these demons can’t break us.

However chronic and prolonged stress, anxiety, and depression can lead us to a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and suicide.

The better we cope with these the better chance is to decide whatever we want to decide.

Don’t force friendships

Yeah, you read it right, the only bigger and longer list of friendship must be on a Facebook friends list. Not in real life.

Researches don’t show any merit of a longer list of friends.

It does show the benefits of quality friendships and the fewer friends you have the greater opportunity to share with them, trust them and seek or offer your and their help.

It helps you in decision making; not forcing your friendships makes you pure, innocent and brave or courageous.

This is what I have experienced throughout my life and the lives of those who have shared with me their lives.

Don’t procrastinate

When you have the drive to decide, act on your decision, never delay don’t procrastinate because procrastination is the number one killer of hopes and dreams.

When we procrastinate it means that this decision is not important and our mind makes us decide to not do what we were deciding.

Don’t seek perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist, only hard work, dedication, and improvements exist.

Deciding when there will be a perfect time, situation and circumstance is just the wastage of time and resources.

Decide to act even when you think that you are not ready.

You will be ready if you just start deciding to be ready. The point here is to decide and not waiting for the time to be perfect.

Decide to Live

Life of contribution is the only life I regard as life, otherwise, all animals are alive but what makes us human, is our decision to live as a human.

All decisions guided by the life and being aliveness is our greatest motivator to push us to our benefit all others are just death centric approaches that lead us only in the valley of death.

Every decision has a consequence

One innocent excuse is always from our youth if we decide in a certain way, whether we can avoid its consequences.

The simple answer is no if we decided to jump off the roof we will hit the ground no matter whatever our intentions might be.

If we survived we will never jump again if not then there is no need for any decision more.

The point here is that the universe will never abandon its laws for us. Only we can change to adapt to survive and thrive in any situation.

Every decision has its consequences and no one can avoid it at any cost.

Expect nothing

While deciding anything great, never ever expect anything, neither good nor bad.

It will help us to make great decisions in confusion and doubts.

But, in the long run, it will show us that those decisions made ours and others lives easier and comfortable.

Imagine Henry ford despite all the odds finally build the engine generated machine and driving it at night at around 3 am in rain.

But if this decision would not take we were never able to drive our BMW, Lamborghini and Land Cruiser.

While deciding anything worthwhile we should not expect anything.

Enjoy solitude

Solitude is a gift of a happy mind and soul. It means that the heart is at its place and the mind is serving.

Solitude is the opposite of loneliness, it is the willing separation of an individual from distractions to reflect and relax in own existence.

All great minds have chosen solitude while deciding any great decision. Enjoying solitude enhances your skills in decision making.

Fear is your decision

Psychology of fears says that most of our fears never happen to be real.

It is our decision to choose fear or love.

If we are interested in our development we must choose love and live freely or the other way is more dangerous and ugly than death.

The fearless life is the only life form that humans can decide to live.

Good decisions feed confidence

Confidence is knowledge of our abilities that we can do whatever we want to do.

This means that if we make better decisions we will be confident in our abilities and others will be in our abilities because we make better decisions.

Happiness is our decision

The courage to lead a happy life lies in the courage to act. Psychology of happiness says that happiness is a mindset and we are as happy as we wish to be happy.

But the decision is ours. The joy and sorrow are in our own hands.

I am a great fan of mistakes

Don’t fear mistakes, according to Biblical texts if Adam didn’t mistake we wouldn’t be here.

So, human beings will make mistakes. But mistakes are not decisions, they are the precursor of decisions.

I had a t-shirt in my university times and it was my favorite one, it had a slogan which was; Learn from your mistakes and do them again perfectly.

I think this is a decision to do the same mistake twice.

It is important to leave negativity alone

Negativity is only for those people who don’t decide for themselves.

So, it is important to leave negativity alone to those who don’t have anything to decide.

It is not for you.

Judge your decisions

You are the best judge of your decisions.

Stand up in front of a mirror and ask yourself, I suppose that your eyes will not deceive you and will tell you the truth you are searching for.

Kill your inner opposition

The African proverb that says that there is an enemy inside the enemy outside can give us no harm is so true.

The inner opposition is the killer of your dreams must be killed if you want to master the decision-making skills of warriors.

Life is all about decisions

All the life we make decisions for our better survival and growth.

If we minus decisions from our life it will be merely the coincident left, which leads our life and us to dread and fear, which further weakens our decision making.

Learn by doing

The best advice I have ever taken was this, learn by doing.

Sometimes we avoid deciding anything due to our ignorance because we don’t know whether we will do something or not.

When this mindset is adopted, we no longer delay our decisions.

Master your personal laziness

Laziness is just equaled to that this thing is not a priority.

When we make anything our priority our personal laziness no more stops us from doing that very thing.

No one can decide for you and your life

Remember my friend! No one can decide for you and your life only you can do this and you should and must do that.

This is your life, not theirs.

If you make the right decisions you will become confident in your ability to decide and if you decide wrongly you will take experience.

Both are in your benefit, stand up for your life and decide the course of your life.

Only you can decide

This is the masterpiece to fit in your life jigsaw.

Forget anyone else only you can decide for you no one else.

Pick your present

Gifts are everywhere you have to just decide which present suits you and what are you searching for.

Quick and quiet

Decide quickly sometimes it takes only half of a moment to decide.

Decide quietly and let the results make noise for you.

Resist the instant gratification

Pleasure seeking behaviors are unconscious processes but our ego always there to help us to resist instant gratification.

It allows us to make better and long term choices, which makes us proud even after years.

Seek social support

We are not alone; there are governmental institutes, INGOs, NGOs and other forums that can provide us support whenever we need it.

The more we are socially supported the more we are able to decide for our betterment.

Success and failure are our decisions

In life success and failure is meaningless if we fail to decide.

If we decide that success is a journey, not a destination our life will be more meaningful.

If we refuse to accept failure at face value, there is no failure at all. It is just another lesson nothing else.

The time is now

Making a decision is just this moment and now, no other moment, no other time, no other place and no other person.

Universal guiding system

This is a system that governs our lives, it guides us to decide on our own benefit and take advantage of laws of nature.

Vanishing bad vibes of habits

The good can only thrive when we limit the bad vibes of habits. They strengthen our thought processes and our thoughts make us act.

When we feed our minds a healthy diet in the form of positive thoughts, it pushes us to decide better.

Work with life satisfaction

Our decision making is partially dependent on our satisfaction with life.

Positive psychology, says that the more we are satisfied with our life the better decision-maker we will be.

Happiness feeds soul and heart when we are happy we make no efforts to lose our insight we act upon our own betterment, which in turn makes us more satisfied with our lives.

Experience autonomy

Being autonomous is an experience worth experiencing. Kings and queens were only interested in command.

There were neither interested in gold or treasures nor in palaces and land but only in command.

Those who have experienced this type of autonomy in their life, they never forget the thrilling experience all dictators, monarchs, and kings of kingdoms cling to their command for autonomy.

Only those individuals can experience it who decides to dictate their lives.

You can handle it

Yes, you can handle whatever comes in your way if you have the drive to succeed in your life and inner strength to stand against adversity and rapid change.

Zero to One

Those individuals who wish to go from zero to one are the ones, who decide and making their decisions at any time.

Who can change their plan at any time, which can turn anything around if they decide to do so?

This was all about the psychology of decisions are you ready for the consequences of your actions?

What do you think? Let us know in the comment below…

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