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Psychology of fantasy in the Corona Pandemic

Now in the Pandemic of Coronavirus or simply know as Novel COVID19 we can only fantasize about what will be our future? What are we passing to our future generations? Fear, dread, misery, death or Faith, unity, bravery, courage, humanity, and hope?

I can fantasize about my future generations humanity, prosperity and hope and for now, it is enough because as a psychologist or a student of Psychology I know that humanity has faced such challenges in the past too.

And they will get out of this too. I am hopeful that the Lord of this universe will not abandon his creations if he loves more than thousands of mothers to his creations. Because at last the faith and hope win and hopelessness, shame and guilt fail in the final count down of existence.

With all the best wishes for humanity, I say humanity shall pass this condition too and the fantasy although how depressing it may seem will come true and our future generation will thrive and survive in the better world with better health awareness and mental health capabilities.

The cybersecurity along with bioterrorism will be handled like all previous demons and monsters of humanity.

I had to let go of all my pride, for just wishful thinking. I lived in the castle of my too good to be true thoughts. Although it was a fantasy I used to call it visualization.

Things I wanted to be in future years after it was born in my mind. I was betrayed by my own best allies. I was being used to make excuses for my inability to get along with average flocks.

I am still unfit for this fully conflicting world. Where I am supposed to confirm the stupidity of this society.

I don’t know where I must be born to take my ambitious soul and a curious heart and mind to lead me to the universe for sure but for the most part, I started living in the confirming environment to live in misery, poverty, and in constant stress.

Now I understand that I have to settle for less.

My intentions to harm myself and others were never approved by my consciousness. I was always looking for ways to improve my life and career, my business and relationships.

Yet my intellect betrayed me always so that I may not achieve what I was destined to achieve. I always wondered why this was happening to me.

But then in one of the darkest moments of my life, I discovered that no one is going to change their ways for you. You are the change you want to seek in the word.

The psychology of fantasy is all about wishes and imagination I call the wild imagination. It is based on unfulfilled dreams that take part in shaping our future. The future is not just a fantasy but the reality of the present and the manifestation of past thinking, action, and desires.

Fantasy is just an illusion that we have created in our mind nothing else to some while to others it is whole another story. Fantasy is the building block of courage, bravery and the daring part of a fulfilled life.

We don’t know for sure what is the case but we know for sure that whatever comes to our imagination is one step away from creation. Creation is the child of imagination and imagination is a grandson of Fantasy.

This is what I know about the psychology of fantasy in Corona Pandemic. What do you know? Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time. Bye!

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