Psychology Of Fears: How To Use It As A Compass For Your Journey Of Life And Love?

Psychology of fear: How to use it as a compass for your journey of life and love?

Today our main concern is to explain the fear. Unlike others, I will explain fear as a compass for your goals, dreams, and achievements in life.

When you observe your fears day in and out, you look for ways to improve your life because fear is an indication that something is wrong in the system.

And your body system works entirely by your mind as you installed your fears in it, you can uninstall it too; your worries are intangible.

You can’t see it, but you can feel it.

When you face your greatest fear, you set free yourself forever.

Fear is a dream killer, but fear is there to strengthen your dreams and make them happen in reality.

I like this quote,’’ walls are there not to stop you but are there to know how bad you want to break the barrier to reach your destination.’’

From a psychological perspective, fears are emotional reactions, which tell us important information about us.

That we fear things, we love the most. Take an example, there is a person you love for years, but fear of rejection paralyzes you to ask him/her out.

In my life’s journey, I have learned that fears are a compass that shows you how to discover your inner self (the brave self), the one who doesn’t fear anything or anyone, because he knows that he is more significant than fears.

Sometimes mind tricks you and says that you are not worthy; you don’t deserve what you desire.

The best response is to say to your mind always, “Shut up!”

Your past has thought you fear; your present results from that; choose fearlessness over fear today so that your future doesn’t bite you again.

Fear slowdowns your speed. However, it shows you how to conquer yourself without losing your temper.

You create it; you can destroy it too because it is intangible.

Your fears show you your real assets on which you have to rely on for your whole life.

When you are angry and frustrated when you lose all your assets, and you look all around, and no one is there to help you, motivate you, and say something to you which encourages you.

When you only listen, naysayers, the outer ones, and most importantly, the inner ones that say to you that you are not worthy for anyone or anything.

You cannot pursue your goals and your ambitions because you didn’t achieve anyone before.

When you look into the eyes of your greatest fears, they will vanish because they can’t stand in front of your inner strength, which you are not aware of right now. 

If you want to risk success, you have to face your fears because there is no other way to win in life’s battles.

I am here to say to you that you are powerful beyond your limits.

You don’t know about this because you don’t take time to know yourself- all of the successful people in any field were those who feared the most that’s why they achieved the most.

The gift of facing fear is greater than the fear itself.

No one believes you anymore because you have failed again and again, and you are continuing this journey but don’t stop this journey, my friend.

Every fear says to you something important about you that no one else can tell you because no one else knows you more than you.

When you love the journey and take every failure and fear as a chance to improve, when you no longer attach yourself to an outcome, you shine like a star.

This pain, frustration, and disorientation are not forever; this will be for an hour, a day, and a month or for a year but not more than this.

So don’t lose courage and dignity.

One day after years of this fear conquered, you will be glad and laugh at these fears and will say to you how crazy you were when you viewed these fears as mountains while, in reality, they were tiny pebbles.

Don’t run from your fears; you will develop yourself in the process that others will see as an example after fears and rejections.

You don’t believe this, let me have an example; the personal model.

I feared dogs psychologically regarded as Cynophobia in childhood due to classical conditioning by combining excellent and bad experiences with dogs.

Good with pet dogs and bad with stranger’s dogs, bitten several times, frightened and running away.

Once while in our primary school, one of our teachers told us that dog only bits those who fear them.

It made an impression on me, one day while passing the way, a big bull terrier barked at me and started running towards me, my mind found me in fight or flight mode and waited for a moment to decide what to do?

I told myself if I run away again, I will always be running.

So, I decided to fight, and then I started running towards the dog when we reached significantly closer, I shouted; yeah!

And stopped, we both stopped; he looked into my eyes, and he saw no fear there, he looked left and right then went to another side.

I interpreted his silence and surrender as if he might be saying that your courage saved you forever, and we will not be able to frighten you again.

From that day up to this day, I have no fear of dogs anymore because I learned that victory is only for those who chose to conquer their fears.

So, fears are your compass to show you how to be victorious.

Use it through your journey of love and life.

Discover your path and let no stone unturned.

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