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Psychology of passion: Stay passionate in your life

Stay passionate in your life because passion is the key to everything. Once a monk said to his disciples while pointing to his heart that, your path is here and this path leads you to everywhere.

Most of the time, we resign for striving less, stretching less for our maximum potential. We lose passion and motivation- the driving fire within is which is responsible for our mental and spiritual growth.

We became intolerant in the face of adversity and uncertainty that we lose hope and become very cynical about our choices and decisions.

Nowadays the best or the worst feature of society is, it allows us to choose countless choices. It creates confusion; the good about too many choices is that there is always a better choice over there. We have to just search.

We became very sensitive to pain, which grows us stronger, more resilient and passionate physically and psychologically.

Passion drives you and your life to the ultimate experience, the peak experience, which only you deserve when claiming that every moment of your life is a miracle. Don’t waste your life on just experiences given by society.

Choose your own experiences with your life from the lenses of passion. Failure is a word your passion really loves, it is like the wind to the eagle’s wings to prove to himself that he can fight and fly high, opposing the wind.

Passion is Alchemy-which it purifies you as a Goldsmith change iron into gold. It has power over you.

Passion will not let you sleep until and unless you finish whatever you have started. There comes a time when you don’t sleep for several nights in a row. This fire burns all the useless and rough material, only useless, worthless and the raw material can be burnt.

You magnificent-self made up of your passion.

Stay tuned and blessed and keep going…

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