Psychology of Self-destruction

Psychology of self-destruction

What scares me nowadays is that, the destructive power of the mind to destroy itself. Whenever we think that we are at our peak performance, mind- the untrained beast will knock us over and will punch us on the face.

It will trick us to destroy what we have held in you. Nowadays I am observing this powerful yet destructive one. These distinctions are given by the fact that one has a love for life as a love for death.

Excess of one will be constructive and destructive if construction is better for the development of self. Than destruction is indeed poison for self-development.

Here in our world, we live in a world where we would be accountable for the things neither we nor our ancestors have thought to do. This is where this destructive part can manipulate a case against us.

The fight and flight response will be not effective here we can’t escape from the prison of ourselves selves we can not hide from ourselves from fierce eyes of the mind’s destruction. The mind imagines but can’t say ever that either its imagery or reality?

If it heals you then it can hurt you too. Obsession is the misuse of your imagination. When you imagine although which repeats its self simultaneously. These repetitions then make a vacuous cycle of thought actually the perversion of thoughts.

They bang in your mind again and again. They hurt you the disgrace is evident. No one is allowed to sneak in. All other actors of your life are not allowed to interrupt.

One is a prisoner of his own slaves and healing is important however, they can only be trace if one is able to stay with himself.

One can meditate on his own thoughts if he or she can’t stop thinking, but if we can not manage it through the channeling of self-therapy, and autosuggestions then the professional analysis is a necessary part to avoid destruction.

Although it is powerful but can be managed through practice and seeking professional help from social counselors and therapists who can point out the destructive patterns of thinking through various therapeutic techniques.

The conclusion of this blog is that if youexperience any self destructive thinking pattern in you or your loved ones. Rush towards professionals and don’t wait too long that it becomes your ecelecies heel.

I am hopeful for your success in personal and professional domains. See you next time take care, bye!

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