Psychology of Success series: The courage to act

In many ways, success literature indicates a firm and stable rule, which is the courage to act. Most of us see big dreams, yet we lack the essential ingredient of success the courage to act. That’s why we are not successful; we are stumbling upon success and happiness. Dreams are just illusions or hallucinations if we are not acting upon them to make them a reality.

How pity it is to have big dreams but die with sorrows and regret? Dreaming of love and respect yet being single and lonely with loneliness, stress, and depression. The essential idea of self-help philosophy is acting upon your thoughts. Action is the building block of success because it paves your path from stones thrown at you in the shape of circumstances to building a bridge between you and all your doubters and naysayers.

All successful people have one thing in common they are doers rather than just thinkers. Thinking is the first step of creation; however, most unsuccessful people stop at the first step, and after long waiting, they lose this first step. On the other hand, successful people act on their ideas; this strengthens their beliefs, and the repeated process again becomes than snowball effect as Jim Rohan says, “with one success you will meet another and another”

It is so real that even the underachievers can’t deny this fact. To grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally we ought to act and courage to take action. It is OK to fail, but it’s not dying to try. We fear the unknown both physically and mentally, but there is a treasure beyond the unknown, and only those can find out who is willing to go too far beyond the known.

I have only one complaint about knowledge and learning that teaches us only what is known. In contrast, there is a universe around us that is unknown. All known are just the experiences of others who took their fear of the unknown aside, and their courage made them knowledgeable, and they passed on these experiences to their next generations.

Let’s take the example of fire, no one knew it, but one day someone experienced it and passed it to another generation. I sometimes wonder what you and I have to experience to pass it on to our next generation. Doing that thrills me; the more I encourage myself to act, the more I feel successful and satisfied with my career precisely and with life generally.

In the way of life, you are destined to succeed if you dare to pursue your goals. Each dream, which arises from a strong desire to do something, is a seed of success. Now how to encourage yourself to act upon your dreams and inspirations? Simply do these things:

Decide your media

There are numerous programs, systems, books, and audiovisual stuff on success; your responsibility is to collect and select them and use them in your favor. Each thought and powerful strategy possible to read as many books as you can, listen to successful people around you, and stop listening to unsuccessful people.

Listen to successful people

People who succeed in their goals can lead you to your goals, and those who were unsuccessful can guide you not to do what they have done, which kept them in an unsuccessful category.

Absorb success literature

My strategy for success is straightforward to listen more to successful stuff than defeat and failure ones. Program yourself with positivity and especially with words and thoughts, if you want to succeed.

Stay away from negativity

Unsubscribe from regular news channels, social media, print, and electronic media for a while, maybe for years, and believe that you can do it and then create your breaking news. Like this, today, I conquered my fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection

What does fear of rejection do? It keeps you clinging to toxic relationships when I was walked over again and again. I could not say no; now, I have set free myself from the prison of my mind that I have created for myself for years. Now I am open to choosing whatever I wish to be.

Making your breaking news

Announce your news to yourself like; today reporter from inner self-reported that he is happy to celebrate his freedom from fear of rejection. The detailed story revealed that he was living in misery and failure.

Change your mindset

He thought that he was not worthy of wealth, health, and better relationships, but now feels wrong about it. He was, and he is worthy of each and everything. He deserves each and everything which he desires.

Stop wasting time

Life is too short to waste; it is on past misfortune and misery, misbehaves, and lack of resources. You have too much in yourself that you are lucky. You can’t buy one moment of your life, so don’t waste your energy on unimportant things; prioritize your time for the most important things because there is no other way to succeed.

Act for success

I am neither preacher nor teacher; I am a student of life and death. What have I learned in life? It is a gift of God, and death is our gift to god. So, decide; what are you giving to him? Work for it, search for it, and choose among the bests. If you are not preparing yourself to present yourself to god, as a gift, how can you expect success if you are not working for it?

Make memories

God has created an unlimited universe, unlimited opportunities, and infinite potential in you. You have to work on yourself and become creative. It is you, the one and only. Your character is fundamental in your life; no one can play your role in your life’s drama and do some adventures so that you can remember the thrill of those adventures in old age.

Pass on to generations

When will you be able to tell future generations what you did right or wrong in your life?

What were your excuses and results?

What do you suggest to your generation?

What are your messages, contributions, and passions about and for your life?

Are you living and leaving this world with regret or passion, surprise, and satisfaction?

Life is this moment

Every moment counts; why others are manipulating your ideas and behavior? If you want to be a hero of your story, then wake up today. Your greatest fear is not that you are not adequate; your greatest fear is that you are powerful beyond measures.

Believe it! Success is not your choice, but it is your destiny.

And you’re chasing your destiny.

Welcome to the road to success.

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