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Psychology of Time series: The Past

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It was fascinating to study Einstein’s general theory of relativity in which he, theories that the time and space are relative.

A person who is standing at a distance from the train and the passenger who is traveling in the train perceive both in motion or movement.

However, both are in a state of rest, only the train is moving.

A person experiencing pain in her body perceive one minute as one hour while a person with her loved ones perceives one hour as one minute.

This is where the concept of relativity comes into action. This phenomenon is called the psychology of time; the past, the present, and the future.

The past is all about your lessons, training, and hustles.

The present is the result of past decisions, actions, and thinking patterns, and

The future is a child of the present, it is in your hands to give birth to your desired baby.

Success needs patience

It is hard when you are sleeping on the floor while staring walls, thinking, is it possible to live my dreams?

Looking messy floor and the dusty room where weeks and weeks went by and they never see duster or cleaner.

Watching the computer full of dust and its machinery gets rust.

The worst that may happen

Your books scattered everywhere on the floor, the laptop in one corner of the room and its bag on another.

When you don’t have enough supply of food and drink.

And you want to avoid going outside to avoid interacting with dream killers.

There is no opportunity for you

When you are buying a newspaper on Sunday and search there is no job available for you.

If there is, you postpone it so its deadline went by. Not wanting to work for yourself as well as for others.

Having dreams and goals but every morning when you wake up, life punches you in the face.

Sleepless nights pay offs someday

It crushes your self-esteem and self-image. You will get up and then start thinking, why these all are happening to you?

Your focus will be on “why” later on you will realize that “why” is a word associated with some sort of complaining

and complaining means that, you want to complain about it rather than doing something about it.


Your transformation begins with mind processing it’s working and how can a person alter his life by altering his mental attitude.

You will be thought by thought transformed if you work on yourself.

If you change your mental attitude towards your life, your life will change completely.

Everything will follow if you follow your passion

I had worked with different organizations.

I am now working with myself and my dreams to help our youth, giving young people some new ideas and tools to sparkle their lives.

My earning capacity increased and my goal is to be the better person I was yesterday.

I am working on my goals.

Background doesn’t matter

I came from a very normal middle-class family, fortunately, my father invested in my education and my enthusiasm worked to sharpen my success skills.

Now I am sharing my knowledge with others, it’s my responsibility to teach them that this universe is abundant in possibilities.

Make Your personal dictionary

In the dictionary I made for myself, I like the word impossible, I worked with impossible if I fail, so what? that is everyone expecting, but if I succeed, then the whole perception of our people will be changed forever.

Making possibilities by your example

It was possible for a little boy from a small town came to the cosmopolitan city and educate himself then he educated as many as he could possibly, then he studied various branches of knowledge, he earned degrees in respected universities because no one has ever done this before.

He did and made history. It is possible for you and me too.

Don’t waste time convincing others

It is impossible to convince your teachers and your family that you can do whatever you want to do. No one will believe you until and unless you do it.

Even though sometimes you, yourself will not believe yourself and ask yourself several times, “is it possible to live my dreams?”.

Your heart will always tell you this, “wake up! get up! you can do whatever you want to do”.

You will find out how far you can go

Now in this short life, you may have acquired too much which you never thought, just because you did something different which no one did before.

Set some rules for yourself and then break rules (not the law) of others and then work hard and you will be lucky due to your work you will achieve everything which you want to achieve.

Be thankful to your past

I am thankful for my past it contributed a lot to my success.

If you didn’t see the nude face of poverty then how you would be able to create wealth which is following you since your birthday.

Never complain

You see people complaining that there is no job for them.

You believe it too, but in my opinion, you have to create your job, and for others.

You must work on your opportunities, the impossible ones, to give them what they want.

Create visions

Visualize your success over and over again. It will serve you well in the long run.

Past is dead in the sense that you can’t change anything in it.

But if you chose to visualize the future in advance it will make you happy today and happiness feeds the soul.

Happy people attract health, wealth and wisdom

Faith is still the greatest power

It is not possible that you believe on the creator of the universe, whose blessings are unlimited and who gives abundantly to whom who asks for.

It is then his responsibility to fulfill your wishes and demands. You are the designer of your future.

Present is the child of past

What you are today, is a result of your past thinking and actions and decisions but what you will be tomorrow is up to you to decide which type of future you want to manifest.

I will finish this post by a great quote of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, “work for tomorrow as if you are living forever and sleep as if you will never find tomorrow”

Stay blessed…

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