Psychology is the study of mantle processes, behavior, and their mutual relationship. It is a scientific art of living. Rooted deep in philosophical traditions of the ancient world, having a great past but a short history. From Aristotle’s book the Anema (The Soul) to Freud’s Psychology of everyday life, it has seen a lot of changes in its content and context in different civilizations before Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Indians, and other ancient cultures.

You will find here all about psychology, its fields, branches, and new researches, including the following topics in details:

Nature and Scope of Psychology:

Definition and scope

Psychology as a Science

Schools, Perspectives, and Models of Psychology

Recent Trends

Biological Basis of Behavior:

Nervous System

Neuron and its function

Central and Peripheral Nervous System

Endocrine System

Sensation and Perception:

Sensory process


Gestalt Principles

Binocular and Monocular cues

Illusions and Extra Sensory Perception

Determinants of Perception

Learning and Memory:

Nature and Forms of Learning

Types of learning: Classical and Operant Conditioning





Observational Learning,

Theories of Learning

Types of Memory

Process of Memory


Theories of Memory

Motivation and Emotion:


Factors affecting Motivation

Biogenic and Social Motives

Measurement of Human Motivation

Theories of Motivation


Types of Emotions

Physiological changes in Emotion

Theories of Emotions

Psychological Assessment:

Attributes of Psychological Measures



Item Analysis


Modern Test Theory

Selection and Training

Educational and Clinical Assessment

Ethical and Legal Issues in Assessment


Determinants of Personality

Factors in Development of Personality

Theoretical Perspectives

Personality Assessment and Techniques

Cross-Cultural Issues


Theories of Intelligence

Types of intelligence (IQ, EQ)

Assessing Intelligence

Social Influence and Group Dynamics:

Social Facilitation






Social Norms

Developmental Psychology:

Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development in Childhood

Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development in Adolescence

Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development in Adulthood

Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development in Old Age

Abnormal and Clinical Psychology:

Concept and causes of Abnormality

Clinical Assessment and Intervention

Different disorders, such as Schizophrenia, Mood disorder, Anxiety disorder, Personality disorder, etc.

Psychological treatment, including different Therapeutic instructions.

Organizational/Industrial Psychology:

Leadership styles

Decision making

Work motivation

Organizational Culture

Stress and Conflict at Work and its Management

Organizational Socialization

Job-related Attitude

Sexual Harassment

Glass Ceiling

Human-Computer Interaction

Health Psychology:

Beliefs and Behavior

Models of Health Psychology

Assessment and Intervention

Models of Stress

Chronic and Terminal Illness

Role of Social Support

Forensic Psychology:

Psychology and Law

The investigation


Eyewitness Testimony

Working with Offenders

Juvenile Delinquents

Drug Addicts Sex Offenders, etc.