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Code Of Conduct For Psychosocial Counselors in Pakistan

Code of conduct for Psychosocial counselors in Pakistan and abroad all around the world

Some clarification of terms is given below for counselors to grasp the whole blog with interest. Code means secret or secret rules to be followed by any professional field concerned. Here these codes are designed to illustrate the higher level of professionalism in counselors all around the world.

The system of counseling mainly concerns with behavior modifications. Psychosocial refers here as a social area of our lives, which is influenced by society. Psychological states can be subjective, but it varies from person to person. Psychosocial counseling is a mutually dependent domain in which we assess our environment.

There are specific rules in any profession, without which one cannot practice that particular profession or code of conduct on which this whole concept is built. Separate articles will detail these codes and guidance counselors on implementing them in their occupations and careers to satisfy themselves as professionals and their clients with more great professional ethics.

Included ethics and codes are given below for a preview. A detailed discussion will be included in this series of articles, followed by writers and readers for ages.



Outcome orientation



professional integrity




time management

communication skilled unconditional position regard anger management

financial benefits from clients specific and direct rather than diplomatic



willingness to learn

All the best qualities of a counselor are also good qualities of counseling. All best practices always revolve around commitment towards new learning, curiosity towards human nature, and the endless struggle to heal a person to survive in this world peacefully, passionately, and successfully.

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