What is unique about us, that we never reject any research paper, whether it is statistically rejected or organizationally rejected, we don’t discard even the in-finished researches.

We believe that whatever the student, author, or the researchers have invested the time, money, and resources should not be wasted, because there will be either methodological issues or statistical analyses. Next, researchers will only change or remove those issues.

They will not invent the wheel themselves again but will use your wheel to reach their research purpose and goal.

So, one thing to remember is to send your paper at [email protected]

And will take at least one or two weeks to be approved, and your research will be published with your consent.

Enjoy your journey ahead with ANish research we will never let you down.

Research in any language is acceptable; only English or Urdu is not a standard neither necessary nor preferred. So, feel free to send your proposals and get published for free as far as not otherwise stated.