How to stop Running after shadows

Running after the shadow

I love to run after the shadows, and it is a long story. I have seen myself running after the shadows countless times, and I am sure that I will do it for the rest of my life. This is not because I like living in fantasy; it is, in fact, my default state of being. The defense mechanism tries to formulate a healthy mentality structure and reduce excessive anxiety, which jeopardized the mind and its peace.

It is the gift

Running after the shadows is a gift if you have the inner curiosity that can lead you to something unique and beautiful. How can one avoid it if he is living a life of misery? This strategy can give him the freedom to feel feelings of joy and excitement. Life is not just a journey, but watching your imagination and visualization results is worth more than a trip.

Leaving legacy

Passing a warrior’s life to your next generation is a remarkable legacy; you must aim to realize this dream of worthiness. I don’t know whether I am opposing you or your notations of your comfort zone, but I believe in constant improvement. If you are continually working on your dreams and inspirations, then sure, you can survive in this world of opportunities and possibilities.

The nature of shadows

I like shadows because you chase them forever, but you can’t touch them, catch them, and control them. I also believe that when you turn your back to them, they start chasing you. The dreams that are not pursued will chase and haunt you. It will not let you sleep if you start showing your back to them. Shadows of dreams are those shattered pieces of your existence that need mending. I think the most regretful person is he who chooses not to follow their dreams.

My experience with it

As an entrepreneur, while working for different businesses, I was happy and satisfied, but what stabbed me repeatedly and bit my happiness? These were the pings of my conscience that I deserve better than this. And at that time, I didn’t even know what I was going to do with my life? These shadows guided me towards my inspirations and motivations. They told me that I should work on my education than my professional skills then creativity day in and day out.

Keeps burning the fire within

They didn’t let me down in any situation because they were those merciless spirits that never let me win. They taught me that for every level, there is another devil. And fighting against those demons of my inner self and the outer world, I came to this conclusion that no one is responsible for your failure, rejections, mistakes, and misery. Only you are the one who is accountable for your loss, denials, and problems. How easy and convenient it is that you quit and sit down quietly?

The system of the world and the conclusion

It is hard to handle just the tragedies of life. You will be stabbed in the back by your loved ones to whom you can’t even imagine betrayal. The ones you trust even for your life, and you finally find out that you were blind because they are not worthy of your trust, efforts, and respect.

Shadows have no existence; you are right, but what if you start thinking that it has presence and they are all after you to tell you that you can do it. Dealing with the lessons learned from life directly is the sure way of success. It is impossible to learn from your life experiences and then decide not to act upon them.

It is enough for now. I will write something about it in the next posts if God permits. See you next time. Same place, same time, and with the same energy while running after the shadows of my dreams, and you are also busy running after yours.

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