Don’t Stop Running Towards Your Dreams

Don’t stop running towards your dreams!

This frustration, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty will lead you to the ultimate goal-which you want from the depth of your heart. There is no one to come to rescue you.

You are the only one left for your rescue. Why? Because you can do this because many people have done this before. Human history is a witness to this claim that you can do it too. It’s not only possible but necessary.

Remember, my friend, that this constant worry is for a short time; everyone experiences hardships initially; after passing this stage, each day comes as a blessing, and you will enjoy the rest of your life, this frustration.

So think big but start small. Don’t let others distract you. Don’t let present rejections and disappointments lower that burning desire in you. Keep it burning because this is the only reason you are here.

No one knows why he/she is here, but you see only one burning desire when you see deep in your soul, which is the reason for your existence.

Find that reason, whether it’s creation, fun, or innovation; follow that reason, and at one time in your life, you will shine like a sun in your creative universe.

Don’t stop dreaming, dream, plan, and then do whatever you want to that will be done.

Take your pain and do something with it. You are already in distress; make your pain a motivator. It will motivate you in the long run because this pain is a psychological powerhouse that will tell you when to fight back and quit.

It will push you from where you are to where you want to go. Because now you are nowhere as compare to where you want to go.

There is no great time to do a great thing because if you are waiting for that perfect opportunity that will not happen, you have to create an ideal option and an ideal situation.

Les Brown is correct in his saying this that “I have a saying for you if life knocks you down, try laying on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.”

Stay tuned and keep going.

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