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Self Actualization: You deserve more than this

Personality Psychology

Today I have to talk about this main area of personality psychology to whom Carl Rogers and Ibrahim Maslow call self-actualization, which is the main theme of personal psychology and growth and development, which is, “I deserve more than this”.

Don’t settle for less

Many people get comfortable, they stop stretching and pushing themselves to higher goals. They stop thinking about their advancement in education, health, finance, and spirit. They stop working for themselves, because of fear of failure. And the simple advice is doing not ever. Someone’s opinions of you should not become your destiny or reality.

You are in charge of you destiny

You are the one to decide, you are the one to choose, you have the right to change, alter and select your reality. I am here to say to you that you deserve more than this. If you are working somewhere, for someone and you have more than enough support, be thankful for their contribution to giving you an opportunity which to change your dreams into reality.

Take Personal Responsibility

But don’t settle for anyone or anything. Anyone and anything comes in your life to drag you down or push you up but it is your responsibility to maintain yourself in motion. When something drags you down it is your personal responsibility, to look up and get up, because, you are destined to a higher level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual betterment.

Be your own axis

Growth is your only destiny. When someone pulls you up, then try to revolve around your own axis. This is what I am saying. Now thank both types of people who for their presence and absence in your life. They played a significant role in your motivation. Now take charge of your own destiny and forget about anything else, someone, did wrong to you, say wrong to you or about you.

Don’t waste time on unimportant

There are people who have too much free time to do this but don’t waste your time on such unimportant things. When you think this that you deserve more than this, then you will say this to you every morning when you get up and every night when you sleep when you say this than you do something about it.

Nature of creation

When you do something about it you create a universe which revolves around you, your goals, dreams, and ambitions. There are only three stages of existence, the thinking, saying and doing. All other forms of existence lay within these three words.

Make your own world

When you think you create a mental image, this mental image is then converted into voice; inner first then outer loud and clear. These waves vibrating in your surroundings until you do what you have visualized.

Listen to yourself

Don’t stop listening to your inner voices, sometimes they are like whispers which come from behind, listen carefully these are divine whispers saying to you that dream that you have in your mind is possible, just have courage to pursue your dream.

Your dreams are your mission statements

The dream you envisioned countless times in your mind is your mission for which you were created. Thinking with your analytical mind will create only problems for you, it is concerned with the present.

Process of creation

Creation is a matter of selection among present, past, and future. Without keeping your past in view you will not be able to work with the present and future because who you are, the product of your past. Altering your mindsets will create a future which you want to manifest.

Psychology of Mind

Being a student of psychology and spending years in counseling patients and clients, what I know about the mind is that you can program it, reprogram it, install new software in it, and use it in your interest. Otherwise, it will work like as it is working as a default.

Mental processes

What it will receive it will react in that way it’s up to you to use it and know how it is working. Suggestions of counselors are simple, yet challenging, they say that never ever be satisfied with what your present circumstances are saying to you. You have to work for yourself.

Be creative and think positively

Become creative to think positive. When you think positive mind processing will increase your capacity to stay positive and manifest your dreams, goats, and ambitions and say to yourself every now and then that you deserve more than this. Don’t settle for less and be always moving. This is a key to success. Be like flowing water not stagnant one.

Wish you a good luck!

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