Self-motivation 5 mindsets for your life and work

Self-motivation 5 mindsets for your life and work

There are countless ways of self-motivation. Success in its self is the best way to motivate. However, people like me who wait endlessly for miracles to happen following methods are regarded as adequately efficient. Let’s have a look at them;

5. This time shall pass

The number one motivator amongst all coming next ways for motivation towards success. A story is attached to it once a king told his wise minister I want a ring with the carved message. If I see it in sadness, I feel happy, and when in happiness, it makes me feel sad.

He went and came with a carved ring to him. The words were, “this time shall pass” it was what the king desired. Whatever situations you face, either excellent or bad, remember, my friend, that this time shall pass.

4. Your time will come

We as a whole in this society of distraction and time-wasting systems don’t value time. While in reality, this time is life. We all have short lives to live. Sometimes some people realize life when they are going to die. Death makes them know that they haven’t lived life in their whole life.

When we are children, we think and say to ourselves when we will be young; we will start living life. When we are young, we mean when we have a happy life, we will start living. After being happy in adult life with business, family, and friends, we think ourselves when we will retire; we will start living. Only on the death bed, we realize that we have lost our lives searching for meaningless titles, money, and everything we have, and we can’t take anything with us.

Isn’t it a waste of time crying over spilled milk? The time is now, right this moment. We don’t know whether we will live today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Believing that your time will come is just daydreaming if you do not make that day happen.

I have said this countless times to people around me that imagination should construct the future, not destruction. Living life in advance is a misuse of imagination.

3. Work with your heart

Everything follows your direction if you are doing whatever it might be with a heart. The real game starts with finding that specific reason or the meaning of your life. I know that the time is severe, the financial crisis is eating you alive, you have to pay your dues, your children fees, bills, and you are literally behind your dreams and laws.

Yet don’t stop running back to your work, which doesn’t make you tired, it pushes your sleep away, the first thing when you wake up and the last word when you are going to sweet dreams is this then that is the work you should go for.

It doesn’t matter whether you are employed, unemployment, entrepreneur, or solopreneur; if you are working on your heart, you will succeed no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. If you are giving every piece of your desire you have in your heart; it will make you world unseen, it will lead you to forbidden treasure island, you will discover that you are the reflection of your dreams.

2. Don’t fear

Fear is a compass that I have explained in this post. The compass is used to determine the direction of the destination. Concerns are here to show you what you should be doing or what you need to do to live healthy, wealthy, and wise. They are not here to stop you; they are here to show you how you want something.

Instead of fear to stop you, you should welcome it by embracing it. Just two of the things will happen. Either concern will fail you, or you will abandon them to die you. In either way, you are the champion. If problems forgot you, you would be wise enough to fail them in the next fight. If you failed them, they will realize that you are not the man or woman they should mess up.

So, fearing the fears which paralyzing you is just a waste of time, energy, and resources. While fear fearing, you should be your motivation moto. Just repeat after me, concerns I will not say why me I will always say try me.

1. Remember your death bed

I have found this mindset super motivational in times of distress and crisis. Especially after a long character building day when it feels like everything is on your nerve.

When you wake up late, your children are waiting for you to drive the school, the wife is expecting, and you are going to show up for an appointment for a regular check-up, stuck in traffic due to protest, your car fuel is crying for help, your employer calling you to show up for the most important annual meeting.

Your subordinate calls you that they can’t come due to an emergency. Friends call you that they have a party at your place tonight you have planned for. The principal will contact you inquiring about your children’s absence. So, dear friend, you are among the dance of dragons.

It makes you exhausted; however, if you remember your death bed at this time, you will feel motivated. You will proactively delegate tasks you can. And do the remaining with ease and motivated heart and with your full energy.

On the death bed, you will realize that you have a lot to do, and the death angel is there asking you to come back to your real home, and you welcome and start your journey ahead without any delay; without any attachment with your leftovers, without any regrets, any sorrow or despair. But with thrill, excitement, and wondering for the best to come.

The death bed is the only motivator that says to you that take life and its issues lightly, smiles more, enjoy more, share, and care more. Life is too short to waste on hate and grudges; love more, stay happy, start acting like you will die this moment look, and drop everything not crucial for your personal, emotional, and mental growth.


These five mindsets make me motivated throughout my day; I hope it will prompt you to fight with demons of negativity. I hope it will make your day. What do you think about my list of mindsets? Let me know in the comments below. Have a beautiful day.

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