Translational Services

Translation services

The translation is a process of transformation of content into another language without losing the real theme of original content. So that if a bilingual individual read both texts. Can’t differentiate which one is the original one.

Why it is necessary?

It is necessary due to the need for accessibility to the multilingual population of this planet. One can’t write in multiple languages but translation can convey the same message to the reader. This the reason behind translation and translation services.

Types of Translation

In our perspective, there are two types of translation.

Word to Word Translation

A translation in which one is only concerned with technical, scientific, financial and legal translation. It has nothing to do with language or the person of language. It’s all about transmitting or replacing word to word languages.

This type of translation is generally used in courts, legal firms, business institutes, and the corporate world. Where experts, expertness needs word replacements half part of comprehension will lead them to comprehend the whole picture.

Literary Translation

This type is concerned with the transformation of a language and experience into another language. This translator is concerned not only with language but the expression, meaning, logic, aesthetics, phonological order and grammar as well as the real essence of an original and second language.

Translator keeps in view not only experts but teachers, students, the general public and readers from all walks of life to understand and enjoy the content as same as he would when he reading it in the original language.

Why we seek it?

We seek it due to our academic, business and literary need to understand and enhance our relations with other cultures due to cultural diversity and expansion of our global village. This gives us an opportunity to minimize language barriers and maximize the likelihood of one global language in the future.

What can you contribute to our project “Translation” individually and collectively?

You know hundreds of languages are in danger due to the reduced size of the population in this modern age. We can individually and collectively preserve them if we are native or aboriginal and we can translate those languages and their rich literary treasure into dominant languages.

By doing so we are helping to preserve those languages and adding their qualities and words in dominant languages, which can benefit both sides equally without sacrificing anyone for each other.

Is there any difference between local and global Translation?

Just the size of the population is the only difference between local and global translation. Here we are just categorizing our translation services into two types namely, local and global for our local and global clients and readers.

By Local, We mean languages within one nation. For Example, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Balochi, etc.

By Global, we mean English, French, German, etc.

Although its rates are competitively reasonable yet better than other freelancing sites and institutes.

Currently, we are providing translation services in the following languages





Hopefully, we will expand our services to other languages translations too. However, this is what we already have. For other updates stay connected with us through our website.

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