Seven ways of E-Governance in Pakistan

E-governance is a type of governance where digital and online platforms are utilized to improve the quality of good governance and avoid the shortcomings of offline communications among governments and their citizens. Developing countries like Pakistan can take help from this type of governance without expanding its human resources and other resources too.

Estonia is a global leader in e-governance, no doubt in their management and politics have changed the face of the world. This possibility can be used by many countries especially in remote areas, rulers and urban areas where lack of human resources can build-up problems in governance and proper management.

It is highly suggested in countries like Pakistan, the gap in communication and distance among villages and cities has contributed a lot to the miscommunication among the government and its citizens as well as among the administration and its local bodies.

Ideal situations and promises about such situations have created this mess that every government points finger on previous government for mishandling and miss management.

In our perspective following e-governance techniques can be utilized by local, provisional as well as the federal government and its administration to help their people for better results and on-time services.

Seven ways of e-governance are explained and names suggestions have been given below if anyone implemented these will benefit the public as well as government too.

1. Municipal Services:

Most of the citizens complain about delays in the procedural difficulties in corrective measures of any problem or issue regarding municipal services. Mobile phones can be utilized in this regard by reporting any issues in due time to the concerned authority. Smartphones can utilize Apps regarding these services.

The IT department of Pakistan can develop such apps through local or international professionals to deal with it. Our suggestion for the app name is Clean Pakistan. However, whatever its name maybe we want to see results and results don’t lie.

2. Business services:

The e-services are implemented here already, however, these can be restructured. Have you ever experienced that frustration when, One form is submitted countless times and the machine gives you only one response, please try again later? And that later will never come. Slow service needs to be fast and along with machine response, there must be human interference too to avoid delay in the system.

Just for registration of a file for NTN or registration of a company, one has to visit lawyers and concerned officials for weeks and some time for months. Entrepreneurs have one asset available to them and which is time, to improve the qualities of services name E-biz Pak is suggested to build an app to address business issues and concerns.

3. Pricing and availability authority

This app will offer official governmental rates and prices at the spot to customers and they will no longer wait for newspapers and other media outlets to know exactly which item is priced low and which one is high.  Neither shopkeepers will dodge them nor they will pay higher than the actual price. The name suggestion is Pak Price.

4. Crime and Justice:

Evidence of crime scene and registration of FIR and other related issues can be handled through online apps and there will be no extra burden of so-called investigation and doorkeepers barriers.

After launching FIR and other complaining and registrations the law and order officials will pay a visit to the concern victim or location and crime scene to collect further evidence and other procedures necessary for launching an investigation and facilitating the case process in concerned courts and justice institutions. The suggested name for this type of app is Pak Justice.

5. Registration and Verification Services:

Election commission and other registration and verification services can be offered through apps that are now dealt with public dealing offices. This will facilitate citizen and office staff from extra psychological labor. The public will be relieved from waiting and complaining. Bribes and other unfair means can be minimized through online registration and verification services. The suggestion for this app name is Govt. Pak.

6. Health services:

Emergencies and causalities can be handled through health services APP. The health care database should be connected with this app. Basic information about healthcare centers, addresses, contact numbers, available facilities, and testing labs and prices of tests, etc. The name suggestion for this app is Healthy Pak.

7. Educational Services:

Informational app about schools, schooling systems, private and governmental schools, procedures for admission, eligibility criteria, fee structures, addresses, and contact numbers will benefit the public as well as educational institutes. This will avoid ghost schools and their existence. It will facilitate the management of these schools to complain, recommend or suggest any change. The name suggestion for this app is Pak Edu.

There are a lot of other areas that can be improved through smartphone apps by the utilization of these ways of e-governance will help the government to implement their policies on time and without waiting and delays in the long run.

What do you think about other ways of E-Governance in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.

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