What is the society, we all know and we also know that we are a part of society. What we do not know is what is our role in society. As a whole we human beings can’t live in isolation. Loneliness brings hell to us and the subjective dissatisfaction of our inner beings stress to connect with all of those who are like us and avoid those who don’t. Social sciences are totally dependent on the basis of society. They give us a better understanding of our society and our interactions with it.

Anyone can stand up against society, it’s rules and regulations, its good or bad customs and evil rituals. However, no one can deny the power of society upon us and forces of society shaping our realities. There come social engineering and social entrepreneurship into existence which makes us more powerful to change and influence our society.

Concept of society is not an abstract concept but a reality one can’t deny at any cost. We are society and we are the real game changers of our society. It’s our responsibility to lead our society to natural progress, through agricultural reformations, healthy routines and lives styles- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through healthy habits.

Religious harmony through understanding each other points of view to conclude effectively a path for us to practice religion as a guide to reach our divine potential rather than killing and burning others for not understanding our points of view.

To political stability where the majority doesn’t oppress the minority at any cost. To proceed to global peace and human brotherhood and stand up for any treaty and policy-making other people’s lives happy, prosperous and joyful. Through political cooperation, acceptance of criticism and willingness to understand, accept and respect others point of views.

To physically active and healthy through sports and connecting people into friendship and cooperation through actively participating in sports activities and encouraging and engaging in real-world sports.

To be technologically advanced and aid our society through technological solutions to our real-world problems. Our will to advance and create new ways of connection and communication, health and sports, entertainment and education, business and finance, data and computing, productivity and lifestyles.

Society is a collection of individuals having same or similar characteristics, goals and achievements, plans and accomplishment. In order to succeed, we must work to give something back to our community. In our case, it is information which changes everything. In your case, it may be sharing, caring and implementing. Let’s create a happy, healthy and politically safe society around us.

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