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Do You Want To Succeed Then Stop Blaming Others

Do You Want To Succeed Then Stop Blaming Others

Stop blaming others

Stop blaming other which is killing you. All expectation you have about other will dash into ground and will be shattered into pieces where you will just complaining nothing else. We all are living in in a society where everyone has an assumption that their current situation is the results of others. Our stories are same with the reference to success and failure. We expect others to call us and not the other way around.

Sometimes we fall due to our expectations of others because we are not taking responsibility to be better than present curmustances. My advice to anyone who is interested in self -development is to end your expectations of others. No one will ever bother your hunger, anger and thirst only you will experience it and will leadyou to take actions.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for mean people they don’t worth your time, attention and sympathies. Your life is yours, take full responsibility over it. This will provide opportunities to unleash your potenttials and recover the person, you are really not the one showing up in psycho and socio drama of today’s society.

When you complain, this is not an activity but a trap of self-pity, playing a victim role in any situation, avoid any responsibility of your actions. When you give all responsibilities of your life to others, guess what will they do? They will delegate to others and this vicious cycle will continue until and unless you break it with courage and commitment.

Playing victim is a norm these days. But for you it shouldn’t be because you are the person of dignity and respect. You should avoid this trap and never play this game ever. All those who are deceiving themselves and others,

Stop blaming others and take actions to control and shape your reality.

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