Psychology of Success in academics

This topic is not new; we come up from different backgrounds, want to succeed in academics. Yet we don’t know how to do this.

Doing research is not an easy task, but taking opinions from those who have achieved tremendous academic success is comparatively more straightforward.

Being a teacher and above-average student, teachers and students ask me different academic questions where ever I go.

All questions cannot be answered in just one post, but the most important ones can be explained in a post’s given limits.

Let’s see what they ask:

How to achieve tremendous success in academics?

It is easy, study more, study effectively, study continuously, and you will achieve tremendous success in academics.

Which path to follow to see maximum results?

The path of hard work, dedication, commitment, and patience should be followed to see maximum results: avoiding the path of least resistance in academics.

I am not a critic of luck, prayers, or any other guiding and helping mechanism. But, I am a great admirer of hard work; without it, I don’t think anything can help you in the long run.

How our academics will help us to succeed in career and life?

Suppose we see the top, most successful people in any career, and any path of life. In that case, they are better educated and more knowledgeable than their other counterparts having lesser education and drive for learning new things.

These examples are enough to know how our academics will help us succeed in careers and our lives.

What to study and what not to study?

It is all about you. You know yourself better than anyone else. So, decide for yourself what you want to accomplish in your life. Whatever it may be, you must pursue it no matter whatever other is going to tell you.

I remember my university; everyone opposed my decision to choose a field of study I was interested in; and my friends, teachers, and other people favored business-oriented subjects.

I stood up against all the odds and pursued my passion for a subject I was interested in; now, they all see my inspiration and motivation.

They respect me more, and they are now advising their children and friends and family members to choose a subject of their interest; because they have seen in my example, which we tend to succeed in that subject, which interests us and fail that subject which doesn’t stimulate our emotions.

What can better success in academics will provide us to succeed in life?

Everything from satisfaction with life and career to contribution to academics worldwide, making recognition internationally.

The more we are successful in our academics, the more we are successful in our lives.

Are academics necessary for success in business and life?

Yes, it is. Success in business and life is dependent on excellent academics. We see a few exceptions in industry, but in life, the better equipped with academics is the turning point of success and failure.

There are real-life examples, and you can Google it and see this claim too.

Is excellent academics guarantees success?

Yes, learning is itself life. Excellent academics guarantees success in all walks of life.

Why is today’s society crazy about investments in academics?

They know the value of academics in every walk of life. The superpowers invest more money in research and scholars because they understand what academics can do to nations.

In history, it has been proven 100% right that nations who invested in academics are reaping benefits, and those on other things are facing the consequences.

The Moghuls were building Taj Mahals, palaces, and forts in the 16th and 17th centuries. The British were building universities; after one century, The British were ruling the Indian sub-continent. Mughals were in prisons, begging, and hiding; this is just one example; you can see a lot in history if you want to.

Is it true that the more we learn, the more we earn?

I believe, and most people in academics believe that the more we learn, the more we earn. Because money is 80% of our psychology and academics makes us able to understand our psychology.

What to do to improve our academics?

The hard work, dedication, commitment, patience, and willingness to improve our academics will improve our academics.

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