Success Is Freedom Of Soul And Heart

Success is freedom of soul, and heart

Success is freedom of soul and heart, alright, but what about failure? This question makes me think twice when deciding my life and death issues.

It makes me wonder why it is so liberating that I have a choice to choose from success and failure?

It makes me feel better when I chose success over failure, and when I fail in something, it teaches me to listen to my heart and soul, reflecting a matter with a whole different perspective.

I feel free to ask for better from the universe, nature, and God to help me out of crisis or failure, or temporary setbacks.

I love to consider myself a fortunate child of nature, and just like a child, I am willing to fail again and again to learn walking and then running towards my dreams.

People who have been successful in their lives were the most failed and not pretty much promising people; however, they listened to their inner feelings always; they will never accept failure at face value.

They excelled in the essential thing in themselves; courage and willingness to fail until they succeed.

For them, the failure was just a piece of information on processing this event and a backup plan to defeat it in every battle.

It is easy to fight the battle against the outer world, but the inner conflict is far more problematic and challenging because you are the only one fighting against your demons; there is no one to rescue you, just you, and only you.

This battle is fought in the minds, and to win this battle go and get what is yours.

Never let your fears come to you for your destruction.

Allow the pain of failure to push you from where you are now to where you want to go.

Only the free hearts and souls can decide their lives and death’s freedom of choice.

For me, success is just an illusion if it doesn’t free your heart and soul from daily concerns and not let you see your future in advance.

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