Success mindsets for the content writers
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Success mindsets for the content writers

This post is all about the success mindsets for the winning content writers. From values, capabilities, dreams, visualizations, persistence, and writer blocks. Read and let me know in the comments what do you think about these mindsets.

Values are expensive

Values can’t be cheap they are expensive and you are providing value and values are expensive never think yourself as a focus of attention in this online business you should focus on the customer but not the expense of your self-respect. Values are expensive so your providing value is of value to others.

You are capable

The most valid assurance you need to feel that you are capable of is from you and you only. Never beat yourself down just because someone rejected your proposal this is a game and it has its own rules.

Instead of focusing on rejection focus on learning, this experience is worth trying. Just like any other game the more you play the better you become at it and the better you become in it the chances to win increases day by day. You will be seen and perceived capable if you don’t stop writing.

You are the masterpiece

Comparing yourself to others is a big mistake think as if you are the masterpiece and you will recognize one day that you are the one you were waiting for. Never allow other behaviors to destroy your inner peace.

This is not only the idea of reflection but the business world requires it. Letting others destroying your inner peace will finally frustrate you and as a result, you will make settling.

To me, this is hell on the earth if you choose to let the world and its ways change you.

You can make your dreams true

if you are persistent enough to do what it takes. Patience is key, consistency is the goal and success is the result.

In order to make decisions about your life you should consider this that no matter what the present circumstances are going to tell you, you will have to shine like a diamond in the sky.

The present is a laboratory and you are here to test your own theories, hypothesis, assumptions, and mindset that what works and what doesn’t. Writing, editing, polishing and then publishing doesn’t take too much it is just the beginning of your journey of Independence.

Reality is just a suggestion

Let me give you an example if you ask someone what is a reality? Well, they will say something like this I think the reality is based upon our subjectivity.

We see the world through our perception meaning that we don’t see what actually is but rather we see what we want to see. That’s why there is a famous prayer of the Holy Prophet PBUH which states;” God show everything according to its reality.”

The same digit seems 6 and 9 at the same time if you are sitting next to me facing one another. We both may argue about our observation but we can’t deny the fact that

Visions are important

Nothing is more important in winning as important is visualization. It takes everything from imagery to realization, from simulation to real-world implementation, from imagination to innovation and creations.

Visualization is everywhere, the life we all are living is just visualizations of creators, innovators and creative individuals who thought that they can change this world through their creativity and they made everything possible which were impossible for centuries.

Just imagine what a great writer would do without visualization? Nothing, because the writer is an individual who not only visualize themselves but takes their readers in their own creative worlds of visualization.

The next mindset you have to learn is visualizations of the manifestation of your dreams. One of my favorite speakers and author is Jack canfield. He has explained this process in detail here, you can check this in that after reading this post.

Writing blocks

Remember that writing blocks are just the building blocks for your success what are they and how to overcome them you can check in any searching engine. But the mindset is to realize the fact that every writer has to go through this process and you are no exception.

Make a schedule and stick to it now I have scheduled one post over two thousand words per day the creative and original one. With no plagiarism, not humanly possible grammatical mistakes, and consistently.

Stress is beneficial

As a writer, you have to create a mindset of a warrior not a worrier. Stress at its optimal level is the best thing that can happen to you in your earlier stage of career. You have to remember the why of your writing.

I am not judging but, saying that; whatever, the why is of the writing you are doing is worth this stress and anxiety.

The more you are stressed the more you will seek help and the more you seek help the more you are learning and the more you learn the more you earn. It is logical, mathematical as well as psychological.

Offer your help

To me, a share is a caring and the more you care about others the more your level of satisfaction with life, work, and the job will increase.

If you are following my lead than you will understand that the happiness achieved through giving everything is always greater than achieved through taking.

Offer your help to those who are struggling with their writing blocks, marketing, advertising, content writing errors, market fluctuations, threats with cybersecurity and hacking and piracy over privacy.

What you have obtained through trial and error gives them to others who can benefit from your experience. Experience is not the only thing you can take to the graveyard so, share it with others and care for the worthy causes you have chosen for yourself as a writer.

Give them hope

Encourage new writers either online or offline. Be a person of value rather than a person of success beautifully quoted by Einstien. Giving hope to the hopeless is a cause worthy of your time and attention.

Sometimes we have just only hope and if it is lost everything is lost. Suicide rates suggest that the only thing lacking in youth and others who commit it is just the loss of hope.

If you can give that hope to the hopeless I have no doubt that you are going to make happen any impossible, possible. So, instead of just selling your product and services, try at least 1% of selling hope to the hopeless.

Be a role model

Being a role model is a tough role but as a writer, I suggest you stand up for your own writing. Proving that what you are writing is what you are doing. You can’t write about the truth if you are a lier.

So, walking your talking is what is expected of you. This mindset is worthy of your attention too.

Persistence and consistency

Remember if you persist one day will be yours there is no doubt I this fact. The most important aspect of the mindset of a winner is this one. You can’t be just a one-time writer.

Writing doesn’t allow you to abandon it on your own, it will make you cry, but it will give you that satisfaction that no other thing can give you.

The feeling of your published writing is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. But the only thing is to persist and show consistency. The rest will be history.


This was all about the success mindsets for the winning content writers. What do you think about my post let me know in the comments below…

See you next time.

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