The entrepreneur is a pilot of a ship he is sailing for new worlds of opportunities and possibilities. Business is a field of carefully taken decisions that make profits for the involved. These business leaders should be aware of innovations so that they can take the benefits they are seeking.

I think, as an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the following fields of studies to drive your results and thrive in the unlimited possibilities to achieve massive success.

These fields of studies will help you in your business as well as in your life. My research and personal experience as an entrepreneur taught me that I must know these fields if I want success in my life and business. Because of these all awesome basics, I can leverage my share from the world so you, too, can take advantage of these powerhouses to develop your small business to big corporations.

Are you ready? Let’s see what is next.


Mathematics is one of the major headaches in school years and especially in college life. From 5th grade to matric, let me tell you that no matter how much I tried, I failed all my mathematics papers with 10-27 out of 100 except 8th grade, where a strict yet excellent teacher answered all my basic questions. I got the first position overall due to higher marks in mathematics. Then again, with the help of an experienced yet incompetent teacher, I failed all papers gracefully.

However, I cleared all papers of mathematics in high school then, fortunately, or unfortunately, I got admission in pre-med, which didn’t require to study it in college and university.

Although I didn’t get maths again at my university, my graduation needed Statistics as a compulsory subject, and in the first attempt, I failed it humbly. Then my postgraduate degree also required me to learn advanced statistics, and I just get passing marks.

This story is about my struggles with it, but I stumbled when I seriously pursued my business with clear cut productivity goals. Finally, I decided that I must master it. Otherwise, I am dead in the corporate world and in my academics and research careers; this was a turning point in my life and business, although I am not the master of it; however, I mastered its basics by enrolling in PGD statistics in 2016 and 2019.

It helped me in both my business and personal life, from time management to financial management. And I also recommend it to you if you want to reach the top of your career or business world.


Yes writing, is the unique creative phase that every entrepreneur must pass to achieve success. It creates your thinking, imagination, and productive habits of continuous improvement over the years. It is this field that allows you to share your vision with the world.

I know people who can’t express themselves in words to the world not because they don’t have the ability but they didn’t bother writing them in their first place.

IF you are one of them, then choose to put some time and effort to write your own story and the story of your business.

I remember that I roughly started writing in 2003, and since 2008 I am writing business and other businesses not because I like it but because it is better telling your story to the world in your words.

In these years, I have found that you must study writing if you want to be high in your business and professional life. There are countless courses and classes worldwide online and offline that can boost your confidence in your writing, and that is the worth mentioning skill that you need to seek if you want to succeed in anything you want to pursue in any field.


You can argue against it, but I have seen great people who act excellently, which gives their business and brand extra attention and customer base. People love acting, and if you are not doing it, you can quickly lose your customer base.

It is personal, but I had a craze for acting, and I started ut quite quickly at an earlier age. I remember that I started acting in my primary classes, where I was a versatile actor, an active part of our school’s performing team since 2000. and my last acting was in an English movie named Rafina in Karachi in 2011, but the time mismanagement and repetition convinced me that I am not the one who can pursue this field for earning my living.

These experiences helped me in my writing generally and in my fiction writing specifically. As an actor, I know that I should respond to a particular dialogue and situation and what shouldn’t be.

This acting is a skill of putting your foot in other shoes. It gives you empathy that can help you better understand your business, employees, customers, and shareholders” emotions and decision processing. I quote that the more you study and apply to the performing arts, the more you are successful in your business and life.

So, be very patient in learning, understand acting. One more important fact about it is that celeb worship is a phenomenon in the online and offline world that can boost your traffic and sales. I can bet you on this. Similar ideas can be found in the book Click by Bill Tancer.

Public speaking

Public speaking is an excellent field of study and will call it the applied field of study because it combines above and below all areas in the one place. Public speaking is an opportunity to grow your business and personal relationships and deepens it.

I started it even before acting or writing. I started it with speeches and then debated, seminars, workshops, and motivational keynotes. I can’t tell you how it helped me in both business and personal life.

Find different ways to speak publicly. If you are shy, start recording your speeches, and talk with some practice you will be good at, the world will discover another corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and thought leader.

Study and apply that learning in your daily routine. You will see for sure how powerful this is for changing your life and career?


History is the only teacher you will need ever in any field. It teaches you everything you need to know to succeed in any domain of life. What do you want to do? Search and read history, and you will find similar things others have done it. The lessons you must learn, motivations and inspirations. All are available on it.

It will help you understand your world around you and everything in it. If you want to succeed, try understanding history. It will illuminate your heart and soul and give you new motivations to guide you in the present to change your future for good.

It will help you see the world from different perspectives and at different ages. It broadens your thinking and mind, as well. I am a student of history since 2000, and I am interested in the history of every nation, culture, and cast globally. It helps me better understand my fellow men and women because I knew about them by reading their history.

I remember that at a dinner party of farewell to our Norwegian colleague, the chair next to me was my colleague from Kenya. Due to the study of African nations, I connected with her for half an hour. She talked about African politics as if I was African, too; this was just one example that came to my mind.

There are many in which I talked to people about them, and they started thinking that I also belonged to their nation, culture, or caste. I have seen countless miracles in history. If you want to be attractive, you first must be interested in others; this is a secret I have found in history; this is the first introduction of mine into the world of books. I started reading religious history, then literary, cultural, political, and nowadays, I have divided my reading time into these different histories that attract me to stick with this new history of the world.

As an entrepreneur, you ought to learn the history of different cultures and nations if you want to succeed in business at local and international levels. Because what Americans like Japanese maybe not be interested in and what Chinese like Indians might dislike will give you a unique selling point to sell your ideas in different cultures by keeping in mind the consumer psychology of cross-culture and national groups.


Philosophy is rightly regarded as the mother of all studies. Because it is the deep meditation upon anything while questioning anything’s very nature, it wants to understand the nature of everything.

Books like Built to Last, Good to Great by Jim Collins, and his teams and different other well-researched business and success books have mentioned this that it is essential to know the why of business before anything else. Their researches indicate that purpose-driven companies outweigh others because of one thing we call philosophy.

It fascinates me since my seventh grade at school when I first learned about Socrates, and that day up to this day, my library never find vacant space for philosophy books. It challenges my imagination. I have learned so far in the philosophy that I have two novels about it—the Philosopher and Daughter of the philosopher and many other books, articles, and blogs.

So, if you want to do your business, you must read and apply it in your life and business.


Once my teacher at University graduation first class asked me why I am studying it as your major? I replied,” it’s my passion,” and she said, “you will get what you want from it.” I can say now, although it has been a decade in the field, that I have got everything I wanted to get from it.

After two years in the departmental viva exam, the same teacher asked me while studying personality psychology; what is personality? I answered, ” the constant patterns of behaviors persist for extended periods.” She said, ” what is the book definition? I replied,” I don’t know what the book or books say about it. I said what I know about personality, not what others say about it”.

I think this was my passion for psychology, and it helped me survive in political, religious, ethnic, and culturally charged jobs and organizations without burning out, with integrity and respect.

It will help you in every aspect of your business level and its impacts on society. Some organizations and institutes give you exciting opportunities to learn and apply psychology in your personal and professional development. If you are interested in it, you can take any class or course at our virtual IPS; the institute of Psychological Studies.


These are those subjects that every entrepreneur must study to ensure massive success in any field. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below. See you next time, stay safe and secure in this pandemic.

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