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Taming your dragons: the psychological tale of bipolar disorder

Guiding your Dragons

Bipolar disorder is a psychological condition of an individual who faces marked difficulties in responding to the daily responsibilities of biopsychosocial life. Mood swings are the byproducts of this disorder giving you an idea of relief or disaster. In BD the symptom of mania and depression make it difficult to differentiate between the two but in general, these both episodes last from days to weeks and in some cases for months if not for years.

I have given names to these two episodes as dragons because they both have the power to destroy and power to build something unique and special. Meaning that in a depressive episode you will have to take good care of yourself. Especially when you lose interest in virtually everything you previously loved to do. Including the vital ones your sleep and eat.

In a manic episode, you can work ten times more than usual days. This helps you complete your unfinished projects. I don’t say that it is easy but I am saying that it is not impossible. For every level, there is another devil and every devil is worth fighting.

Guiding your dragons is the first step to successfully managing the symptoms and hopefully resolving your issues. It is possible to be sidetracked by secondary activities but sticking to your routines will help you minimize the risk of developing full-blown mania or clinical depression.

Responding your dragons

My suggestion to every client I deal with diagnosed with bipolar disorder; is never to react but respond to your symptoms and results and consequences. My example is mostly similar once in a restaurant, two colleagues were having lunch but the sight of a cockroach disturb their meal and they frantically start screaming. A waiter was watching this situation too and he calmly approached the cockroach and removed it from the sight of the customers.

Just like this example life through surprises teach us to respond to it rather than react irrationally. Responding to your dragons will help you manage your symptoms as soon as possible.

Rewarding your dragons

By rewarding I mean simply feeding your dragons and not starving them to death because their death is your death too and their lives are your life too. You are not alone in this journey so take any step possible to reward them before they start devouring you alive. Your flesh and blood are their favorite food and reward accordingly.

Seeking professional help for taming your dragons

Never underestimate the power of a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, and mental health practitioner. They have the skill and training to give you a fresh perspective on your current mental health status and the symptoms of your disorder to keep them in balance. The dance of dragons is worthy of watching but it can hurt you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and of course physically.

Stay blessed and I hope we will meet soon. Take good care of yourself and stay positive and connected with our positive, fresh, and informative especially the most original blog on the internet.

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