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The Most Important 5 Step Approach To Content Writing

Let’s ask the following questions and try to answer them so that you may learn what is content writing, how to do it, who is going to do, and why you should invest time and resources to master it and take full advantage of it?

The 5 step approach to content writing

Do you want to know something? You first ask questions to make it clear whether the matter of concern is worth time and effort or not? The same case is with content writing.

Let’s ask the following questions and try to answer them to learn what is content writing, how to do it, who is going to do, and why you should invest time and resources to master it and take full advantage of it?

What, How, Who, and Why?

Let’s start with the first question, which is, what is content writing?

The simple answer is that it is a skill like singing, dancing, painting, and gardening. It is a skill sought by online or offline businesses, organizations, cause, and marketing agencies to persuade people for good to buy ideas, products, and services.

The second question is how to do it?

It is done through an in-depth study of a subject matter in hand and tries to write it to interest the target audience and potential clients. This how-to-do has the following steps;

Step one


Research, as the name, mentions you should start researching the problem or issue you want to solve. As a researcher, when I began to research, I concluded that research is a life of its own.

From minute issues to metaphysical phenomena, you will find it solved through scientific research; it starts from observation, hypothesis, experimentation, results, and recommendations.

In observation, you observe and thoroughly investigate what is going on and what this is all about? Then you hypothetically define what do you suppose to be the possible solution?

Then you test your hypothesis by experimentation. After that, you find answers and possible solutions to the problems. Then finally, you recommend your results to the broader community to address these issues with your products. The same process is repeated to replicate the results.

In content writing, you do the same; you find a topic, research it to develop your ideas further clearly, and move to the next step.

Step two


Yes, take it right after research, note-taking, and reflection. You write it down. Your first draft is the raw material. Editing and formating your second draft makes it clear that it is worth sharing. The final draft should be your third draft.

Most of the posts published on the go after its completion need editing before publication; when not done, you see all typing mistakes, editing errors, grammatical misplacement, inappropriate language, and linguistic errors, making it difficult to get a message you want to convey.

Step three

You the author

Yes, you as an author, what do you feel about your this post you have completed, is it feels like you have done a great job, or it is just another position to show that you update your content?

The bounce rate increases, and your followers and subscribers unfollow and unsubscribe from your blog because they think you are spamming them.

If the answer is former great, take some rest and reward yourself with coffee, but if you sound like the lateral get up buddy refine your blog and make it look great; to move to the next step.

Step four

Me or the reader

Yes, me or the reader, what the readers think when they read your blog post? Was it exciting, worth sharing, informative, unusual, and exceptional? After feedback, you make improvements and adjustments.

Your readers are the most valuable assets of your content writing business, trusting them, and respecting their comments. Now move to the next step.

Step five


Including your competitors, employers, clients, and community members, are they appreciating and admiring your efforts? If yes, then go on; the future is yours. If not, find the reasons and try to remove them.

Now the last question is why to do content writing?

The answer is to promote human values, increase visibility, motivate and inspire, educate, guide, counsel, and spread the fragrance of life so that you fulfill the responsibility of the responsible content writer.

That’s all for now. See you next time.

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