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The art of content writing Series part one

What is content writing?

You are online and you are chatting with someone for hours if you collect all your messages from chatting or instant messaging system you have many topics to write and this is content writing generally. Like every other art, it is nourished through persistence, dedicated work and hours of hours study and reading.

Why content writing?

Content writing, in itself, is just writing anything about anything else, however, in online business it is a gold mine. As gold is an ultimate goal of mining so is content writing, pursuing someone to buy an idea, products and services is the only purpose.

Businesses can’t do this all the time because their focus is on business processes; the cash flow, employees, taxes, legal issues, competitors and market politics, they have more things to do in order to get maximum profit from their businesses.

Who will write content?

There they need someone who can write for them, to make a professional look to their online presence and help them build readers, customers, potential partners, and investors. They need content writers for their projects. Big and medium-sized businesses hire them on a permanent basis while small businesses and startups offer temporary contract based projects to project jobs.

In my opinion, although I don’t have exact figures and numbers to illustrate the fact that how much content writing is required but I can say this of my experience in the field that more writers are required to complete the tasks and with greater customers satisfaction.

What is this all about?

It is important to understand that what is this art about and how to make your own writing skills to compete in the diverse field of concern. This art is all about words that can attract gold.

Power of words

Words are powerful, no matter what the content may be words are the central part of it. Visual manifestations of sounds and ideas are core values in the modern world. Content writing starts and ends with it. So it is advised to choose carefully words.


Grammar is essential but not the only thing you need to know. The myth of grammar is that you must be good to write. Sometimes it is true however, most of the time it is just a trap for people who are not native and who want to share their experiences.

So, if you are not good at grammar never stop writing remember that language is just a tool to express your thoughts and sometimes feelings if you are successful in expressing your feelings and thoughts then you are on the same page with the reader.

Psychology of words

Remember that psychology says that we think in pictorial form, meaning that words are there to explain what is going on in the mind. If you are showing exactly what is going on inside you, what do you think, feel and see that is more than enough.

I recommend that read as many books on grammar as you can but never stop writing. The more you read and write the more you can learn how to use grammar wisely. I do also recommend grammar-based android and iOS apps like Ginger, Grammarly etc on your smartphone.

On desktop PCs use chrome extensions of similar names with the same function. In MS Office use a built-in grammar check. So, you should not think of grammar as an obstacle but an opportunity to get closer to the right audience.

Sharing ideas is a great function of content writing. Sharing means you care about others. You share because ideas of values are worth sharing. The more you share the more you get feedback the more you learn whether your ideas are logical, practical and reasonable or they are just fantasy which you use to escape reality or the real-world problems.

Psychology of time

Timing is there to remind you that you are going to die one day and you will never know for sure when is that day. It can be now today, it can be tomorrow or some other day. So make sure that you do not waste this precious time now available to you.

The best time to write is early morning if you are not a morning person then you can choose anytime in which there is no distraction so that you can concentrate on the writing. If you are interested in looking at my schedule then you can read it here.

Get feedback

The audience are valuable people who will be the first to see your hard work presented in written form. Their feedback will guide you to improve your blog and writing engaging content to attract more visitors to your or your clients’ websites and blogs.

Focus on your style

Content can be presented in different forms they can be written as storytelling, poetical, drama, thrilling, full of suspense. It can be tragic as well as comedy. Be aware of your form and style. Never write in that form or style which you are not comfortable with. Write in your own style. Want to know more about style read this too How to make your own style of writing.

Skills for content writing

Skills you will need to succeed in any field of life writing are included, are the hard work which has no substitute, good luck which speeds up the process, passion the driving force to push you in times of adversity and finally persistence the key to all successes.


Things you should welcome if you expect to shine like a diamond. Levels of rejection are so high that even the most successful writers will say to you that they were rejected a lot that is why the succeeded a lot.

Welcome mistakes in the beginning

The margin for errors is so great that it can overwhelm you at times if you lose hope everything will be lost. I welcome you in this world of content writing and marketing

Best wishes if you want to be a content writer.

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