The art of self defense

In this post, I am going to tell you about the art of self-defense and what I have learned from it? How it saved my life several times? How you can use it for yourself? Let me tell my story first so that you can relate to me. Here we go;

I was just like you avoided fights and physical activity that resulted in the fights. My blood pressure increased when I saw someone fighting. My first response would be to flee the scene but that was in my teenage years when I was shy, humble and extremely introverted.

It all changed when I decided to leave my hometown for higher studies. Here I needed self-defense because I lived in the neborghood where we had Rogers, mobile snatchers and political activists along with gangs who choose an easy target and I don’t want to be that target.

One day there was a clash of two student organizations and rangers started beating them. It escalated strong emotions in my heart against them. Because ideally I thought that students should not be treated like trash and garbage and I went to a club 1 and a half kilometer distance a self-defense center and enrolled myself in the first place.

No one could believe that I will choose karate for my own personal defense because there were no expectations of me to involve in fights. But life has special ways of doing things like that it happened like this.

One day I was in the library and one of my friends was missing and when I saw him he was sitting next to a guy notoriously known for bullying and was bullying him when I saw him it was just the fight or flight time and I decided in less than a moment that I have to fight for my friend.

I defended him orally, and then after that, he plotted a scene and five students came along us and started beating us me and my friend suddenly on a crowded road. At first, we were in shock that what has happened but they didn’t give us a moment and the beat us brutally. Although we defended ourselves the damages were serious inner injuries and it took a while to heal our wounds.

The next day I had to go to college and there he was as I was approaching him one of my senior stopped me and he himself approached him and the University student organization decided to make him apologize for his mistake and he publicly apologized for his wrongdoing two times and I accepted his apology.

After that incident, I tried harder to master the art of martial arts I am a student of martial arts for 8 years. Started in one of the oldest yet the prestigious club of our city. 3 things


Strength and


Forget everything you know



Fight with rules

No under the built kick

Practice like devil

Play like angel

Face your fear


No attack

Change your mind

You have the inner strength

No grudges

Love your self

Strengthen your natural reflexes

Think with mind and thought

Not with emotions and heart

Never judge yourself first

Never judge others

Try to understand instead








Belts are earned not given

You are bled and sharpness

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