The Primary Facebook Settings You Must Know

The primary Facebook settings you must know

In this age of piracy worldwide, privacy is just a daydream. But, it is crucial to do whatever is possible to protect your privacy.

In social networks like Facebook, you still have a right to choose privacy in your account settings despite all the hidden tactics and piracy practices.

Following basic settings of Facebook can be selected for your safety and peace of mind.

It will also save you a lot of time and psychological labor if you are continuously working on your profile to untag yourself from dozens of pictures of friends or mutual friends than this post is for you.

Never forget to share this with your family and friends. Here we go;

1. Tagging

One of the worst nightmare you will find after refreshing sleep is to find your inbox full of notification of comments on pictures you are tagged in; it makes you tense and destroys your inner peace.

How to get rid of this headache? First of all, go to your tagging settings. How?

Click on the right corner of your account settings to have hamburger shaped, click on timeline and tagging, then click on Review timeline and activate it.

Anyone tags you will not show up on your timeline until and unless you review and approve it.

2. Contact information

Most of us enter our phone numbers and other contact information without thinking about how Facebook and third-party services will use it for their interests?

Every day you hear that hackers hack millions of accounts. These can be used for any criminal or illegal activities. Even if you trust Facebook and its data management teams and their practices, you must be cautious about your phone numbers because it can be used as a hacking tool.

To avoid this piracy threat, you should choose your account settings; a phone number is shown to only me. It will help you with long term data and privacy loss.

3. Timeline post

If you are frustrated about people posting on your timeline or wall post, you want to get rid of it. Then simply follow these steps and enjoy your time on Facebook.

Go to account settings, then click on timeline and tagging, and then choose Only me no one will post anything on your wall or timeline.

4. Hide friends list from others

The most critical aspect of social networks is that you should be conscious of your friends’ privacy. How can you do this? Simply hide your friends’ list from your profile.

If someone is your mutual friend, he or she will see only mutual friends list; no one else can see that, and no one else will frustrate your friends by sending them friends’ requests or inbox messages.

Along with your privacy, your friend’s privacy should mean something to you.

5. Password recovery email

You have to accept it that sometimes we forget our passwords and we need to recover our profile. Fighting with the machine, AI, or autoresponders is a bad idea to start with; set up your recovery email, and your control will be in your hands.

How to do that, go to your account settings, choose the general setting, and select add email address and in that box, enter your email address and then save those settings.

These were five necessary and essential Facebook account settings to protect your privacy and secure yourself from hackers and other giant data monsters.

If you think that I have missed other relevant settings, you can comment below, and they will be added in new updates to stay blessed..!

See you…

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