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Mastering the Basics of Content Writing

Basics of Content Writing

How to Master the Basics of Content Writing

In this introductory post, I am introducing a series of posts about the Basics of content writing; I am a person of basics. I love and respect basics because the basics are the function and structure of everything once you start understanding basics you can start climbing the ladder of success in anything I am 120% sure about it.

Just start and the how will show up along the way. in this series of posts, I am going to talk about the basics of content writing. what will you find in this series of blog posts?

Table of content :

  • What is the content?
  • what is writing?
  • what is a copy?
  • what is copywriting?
  • what is the difference between content and copy?
  • what pays more?
  • what gives you satisfaction?
  • why chose content over a copy?
  • why copy is better than content?
  • what is the psychology of content and copywriting?
  • What are the writer’s blocks?
  • The traps and how to avoid them?
  • How to market your content on different channels?
  • How to avoid freelance work (the cheap labor)?
  • How to sell your content at the best price in the market?
  • How to showcase your content skills in your resume?
  • How to avoid the guilt and shame traps of customers?
  • How to stand firm for your rights to your employers? 
  • What are the project, job, and permanently based content writing strategies?
  • Content management strategies
  • How to research for your content?
  • How to check the quality and quantity of content?
  • SEO part
  • Competition vs cooperation
  • How to train, educate, and entertain yourself and others with content strategy?
  • What are the secrets of successful writing?
  • My advice to beginners, experienced, and experts level writers
  • How to use well psychology for your content writing and marketing?
  • and much more.

In this post, I will write only the general themes of basics of content writing but in the following posts, I will cover all the above questions specifically and separately.

But before that, let me tell you this that it is a full month or so, commitment and I am pretty much sure about my part but what is yours I don’t know.

If you are also ready then we can go for a long drive (metaphorically) from my side I reassure you that despite all my business, professional and personal commitments I am committed to delivering the quality it’s up to you how much you can take and how much you apply to your craft.

In this series, you will understand and know all the possible reasons why your content writing and marketing sucks and how to turn them around. My more than 10 years of experience in this field will give you all the necessary fools you might need in your career advancements.

Just believe that you can and will sooner or later know that you can. just like me, follow my lead and you will see for real, how far you can go. dream big plane big but start small. the more you try to succeed the more you will be successful in your field of choice.

Just never believe the naysayers, energy drainers, the soul sucker, and most importantly the gold diggers. the mean and most people around you just for money and fame. avoid career sabotaging behaviors and plan for massive success.

People ask me all the time, how a writer can have such a big paycheck, and my simple; reply is because businesses sell their products and services due to our, words. our minds are gold mines and I have said in different interviews countless times that we are the hired guns we fight for those who pay us well and provide us everything we need for personal and professional growth.

See you next time, now it’s your turn to tell me what else you want that I should include in this series. Let me know in the comment below.

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