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Back from the dead

You have listened to your Mama or grandparents talking about people, legends, and superior humans who come back from the dead. You have also seen companies’ turnaround the same thing as the new version of your party, its people, and leadership.

You have also seen Nations and countries turning around the world view and point views; if you have no affiliation with U-turns, you will understand that nation are built and function well when they fulfill their duties and then stand for their rights.

Regarding spirituality as a super science but for nations like us, this hollow spirituality is another narcotic, dangerous than any known drugs in narcotic lists.

Spirituality comes with discipline, purity of mind, and soul, especially in character building, and nations throughout history who excelled in this were the most disciplined, innocent, and courageous ones.

Spirituality makes sense in those communities where no struggle for survival exists. In our example, people are more concerned with food and beverage than cheap spirituality and so-called super science.

Let alone these self-proclaimed spiritual scientists and social engineering department of this nation produce more hunger and thrust. Fly away with your belongings to the last corner of the world because this land and its people have deaf ears for any logical and sane person and his opinions.

Being logical is synonymous with being able to get a label of madness and cripple. It is suggested that believe in governmental agencies and media outlets’ disbelief, engineering the same philosophical grounds of previous regimes and dictators. Who freed themselves but imprisoned the nation.

Like a concept of pseudo-democracy, where freedom of choice is given but not free will, the choice must be of that of options which were imposed by these worthless people, one of the dictators, in referendum asked its people, if you believe in this religion than you are accepting and selecting me as your President.

These seem funny to all of us, but these and cases like these have been in our history; we can’t deny it.

As complainers, I have observed people of my country while complaining means that I want to complain about this rather than doing something about it. Complainers can’t change anything.

From policy-making to its implementation, from action to its results, and from public awareness to Behavioral change, strong leadership, unbending principles, and commitment to do it no matter what change everything. Self-identity is necessary for the nation to restore their faith in themselves and their causes.

Although, it is, and it was a significant policy of present and past governments, to distract their citizens, by involving them in the non-issues, to delay the process of accountability and responsibilities, however, since the beginning of the time committed and free people among all nations they get up and speak truth to the power.

Our responsibility is to speak truth to power that time for back from the dead has gone. It is a new time and space; you have to meet your citizens’ demands; otherwise, this will be your last chance.

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