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The Fate of Innocence

The Fate of Innocence

The fate of innocence is not only destructive and brutal but also pitiful and worth thinking and analysis. It is not important what you do in your life and what is the reaction of other people.

Innocence, to me, is the natural and default state of human beings, and it is found in children because they haven’t sinned yet according to religious thought and morality. However, if someone chose not to sin against nature, then they are also regarded as innocent.

So, the choice and the by default, innocence are two different aspects of your existence.

The majority concept of innocence is not doing anything to better your present circumstances are the sure way of failure and prey to the evils of powers and spoils of wars and peace.

The possibilities of doing something with confidence and utmost surety is the way of free mind, body, and soul. The corrupt system can imprison your body only. They can’t incarcerate your spirit and soul; they are always free even when your body is imprisoned and tortured.

The age of innocence expects that its innocence has no price. Yet they forget the essential rule of the wilds that dagger of the cruel don’t care the cry of the lamb. Silence is the one aspect of society where fire and bullets are burning the home and houses of the innocents.

They have only two options available to them; either they will resist or stat to serve the people who have demolished their homes and businesses. When you see that your friends and colleagues are selling their loyalties for the royalties of the traitor, then you must choose to resist. No one will help and support you if you don’t start fighting the cruelty of the cruel.

The fate of innocence is ignorance, destruction, and demolition of your properties, opportunities, and possibilities. Loving your living while happy with your enslavement, and your generation is an insane life. Whenever you see that some groups, corporations, and businesses are gathering your data to use it for their benefit, resist.

Resist when your government imposes its polices with force because it is proof that they or on the wrong side. When you implement laws and regulations, you don’t impose you suggest and ask your people whether they agree with your decision or not? If they are, they will not resist then why you will need force to impose your rules over them? If not, why you will need to implement it in the first place.

The emperors and their empires should be grounded to submit to the will of their people. Democracy is not the killer of the ideas and ideals of the minorities. Still, it is the inclusion of them and their concerns in the broader perspectives, until and unless their problems are not watched and resolved, the majority should do nothing. That is the real democracy you should work on and implement in your state and national or international decision-making institutes.

Those nations who are lecturing other countries over their competencies and capabilities must not forget their past and the history that what they have been gone through. It’s not important where you are and when you want to choose to fight back to the system of victimization.

You must know yourself, and you know your real enemy and friend. If you think that your religious, language, regional, or racial affiliations and backgrounds can help you in foreign or interstate policies or developments, then remember the humanitarian crisis of Palestine.

They are among the community of Muslims who are more than a billion; statistically, they are Arab more than 20 states and 18 nations, regionally they are the intersection of three continents Asia, Africa, and Europe, yet they are waiting for their decision since 1945 from the first invasion and occupation of the Zionism.

I do believe that when you stop resisting the cruel step in and slaughter your nations’ male youth and enslave your female youth to enjoy the share of your destruction.  The fate of innocence is ignorance and destruction, nothing else.

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